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Video: Rudy Unloads on Biden over 'Chains' Remark

Cincinnatus Redux Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 2:51 PM
...and thus spake Joe, the best and brightest of our public leaders. Having spent 20 years in the federal government, he is typical of our appointed and elected leaders. Without any humility, they use naked power and suppression to impose their will on others and look to their handiwork as evidence of their brilliance. "If I can make them bend to my will, my will must be superior" goes their logic.

Rarely do prominent American politicians directly and unapologetically abandon perfunctory genuflections of respect toward fellow members of the governing class -- in public, at least.  When pols savage each other and their policies, even the most caustic criticism is typically couched in a forced lexicon of camaraderie ("my friend from across the aisle," "the gentleman from Indiana," etc).  But Rudy Giuliani wasn't much interested in keeping up appearances last night when he appeared on CNBC's The Kudlow Report to react to Vice President Biden's odious "chains" comments in Virginia.  Allahpundit thinks Rudy may have been waiting for an...