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A clear solution to the problem we have created via the FDIC; private profits insured by public money. Obviously, the lesson of the bank panic of 2008 has not been learned. If we want to continue to protect depositors as part of a greater public policy, we must separate government insured banks from investment banks.
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Immoral Beyond Redemption

Cincinnatus Redux Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 7:43 AM
Dr. Williams thought experiment leaves out the additional, yet common, motivation of the "service fee." Not only does the well intended thief take the $200 to give to another, he keeps 10% for himself as a fee. This fee greatly lubricates the moral decline associated with the "ends justifying the means." Corrupted means can be very profitable, as we have found with our public institutions run by public unions. We need a return to first principles...
I spent 20 years working for the feds, including numerous meetings with Mr. Neeley. What happened at GSA should come as no surprise, but the bureaucratic response will be all wrong. The problems with GSA are not the optics of hot tubs or humorous videos by younger staff, but the total disconnect of federal agencies from their citizens. In the coming weeks, memos will fly out of Washington banning spouses on business trips, conferences in Las Vegas and intern videos, but nothing about why does GSA exist. For example, does GSA obtain office space for the government at a lower cost than the private sector? Hint: It doesn't. That one question is worth billions, not a few hundred thousand dollars.
Very predictably, the approach to the latest scandal from GSA by our politicians is a traditional "your guys are corrupt and my guys are pure." Unfortunately, after all the grandstanding, we'll miss the real issue, GSA and other large bureaucracies are to far removed from the taxpayer to be accountable. It's not about getting the "right guy" in charge, but "no guy" in other words drain the swamp by downsizing central government and returning functions to local government or the private sector. What happened at GSA will be a footnote in history once Obamacare gets going and federal government bureaucrats command another 18% of the American economy.
Yes, the charge of a Republican "war on women" is ridiculous, but it was gaining traction with the voters. The Obama team are political pros and I was seeing their success with women in my workplace. In today's partisan media world, you can't let these charges go unanswered and the Romney 92% was a creative response. They have successfully changed the conversation from contraception back to the economy.
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