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I guess your comment is on point regarding the subject column. Distraction is one way to obfuscate transparency.
As someone who teaches at the college level, you make an excellent point, although somewhat inverted. It's the failure at the K-12 level that produces deficient college students. Anything that improves K-12 education will only help college level education. Parents who home school are generally highly motivated and transfer that motivation to their children students. The quickest way to destroy a student's future is to leave them in a deficient traditional school and I've found some of my best and most motivated students were home schooled.
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Middle East madness

Cincinnatus Redux Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 8:47 AM
What an amazing analysis. What we do in the USA is nothing like what happens in the Arab Street. How many Arab language newspapers have condemned the killing of our ambassador? Exactly...none. In a free our society, we condemn the actions of the extreme few which "go off the rails" In the Middle East, they embrace those actions...which means the Arab Street is not extreme, but mainstream. Get a grip on reality.
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The Humpty-Dumpty Middle East

Cincinnatus Redux Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 8:57 AM
A classic leftist missive. Don't comment on the policy points, but attack the other guy as incompetent based on headlines and throw away bumper sticker lines. I don't recall Romney being mentioned in the article. Anyway, you're quoting sources with a political bias. I'm sure you're more comfortable with the current administration's foreign policy expert. So, what would Joe do? Right, lead from behind.
Come on now, give Joe the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he meant "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers.
...and thus spake Joe, the best and brightest of our public leaders. Having spent 20 years in the federal government, he is typical of our appointed and elected leaders. Without any humility, they use naked power and suppression to impose their will on others and look to their handiwork as evidence of their brilliance. "If I can make them bend to my will, my will must be superior" goes their logic.
But Gabby is 16 years and Michelle is the first lady...total imbalance in power. Furthermore, she kept pushing the issue long after it could be considered humorous.
And I used to live in the OC, including sending my kids to the now discredited Capistrano Unified School District with its financial mess. Budgets are about choices and these short term gimmicks always backfire and will hurt the kids they profess to help. Good finance, like good education, depends on sound fundamentals, not gimmicks.
Orange County, California's gamble on derivatives ultimately led to its bankruptcy. Poway's desperate financing deal is far worse and should be prohibited. Governments, especially small municipalities, should limit themselves to traditional financing. Times may desperate in the Golden State, but this is nuts.
A clear solution to the problem we have created via the FDIC; private profits insured by public money. Obviously, the lesson of the bank panic of 2008 has not been learned. If we want to continue to protect depositors as part of a greater public policy, we must separate government insured banks from investment banks.
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