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Rubio is too ambitious to be anything, kinda like Obozo but probably a little worse. He says whatever he thinks he needs to say to whomever he thinks he needs to say it to at that time. He's a dangerous liar.
Tamara thinks she can say anything and get a pass on it...probably because she used to be (maybe still is) one of Jesse Jackson's toys. Being that close to smart makes you smart, you know!
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Issa: Jay Carney is a Paid Liar

Cincinnatius Wrote: Jun 02, 2013 11:36 AM
This revelation so flustered Candy that she immediately went out and ate an entire deli! Reporters state that several employees narrowly escaped uneaten.
I'm sure the Chinese were duly impressed with Hagel's massive intellect, cogent analysis, and command of the facts surrounding his assertions. LOL
Too bad the Brits aren't allowed to carry, or for that matter to even own, a firearm, someone may have been able to stop this. Stay tuned more to come! I travel to England regularly and the Brits have become a minority in their own country and their "guests" are NOT HAPPY campers.
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"These Leaders Do Not Get Along"

Cincinnatius Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 10:03 AM
Why should they get along? One's a real man, leader, smart, capable, and principled. The other, a dishonest weasel and charlatan. One has a record of achievements and has proven himself in many areas, the other is a fraud. Obama resents all of Bibi's qualities and accomplishments and feels vastly (rightly so) inferior and it grates on him. Bibi knows he's dealing with a fraud and feels disgust for having to do so. It's simple (when you break it down to the basics) to see why they don't get along. Bibi probably has to fight like heck to keep from slapping the pi$$ out of the little metro sexual smart a$$!
Oh my gosh, how will the police states obtain the needed materials to subdue the rabble that comprise their citizenry? Does this mean that the governments of these states will have to set up their own manufacturing agencies to produce weapons and ammo to keep the "little people" in line? I just hope that the consequences get more and more onerous for the fascists of America!
I love it! YOU are a genius! We would profit in two ways; money uselessly spent and good air uselessly breathed by congress. YES!!!!
"Over nothing..."??? Is that how you characterize American lives? YOU might well fit into that characterization, but there were MEN, ex navy SEALs that fought and died for principle that night and you toss them away as nothing! All I can say is this; you should get down on your miserable knees and thank the Almighty God that there are still men such as these who will do the job you could never even contemplate, the protection and furtherance of America!
Behold the consequences of electing an unknown bozo to the office of president. Some of us knew and tried to tell the idiots of America that Obozo was NOT UP TO THE JOB of president. However, the American Idol brains of this nation tuned in and dropped out of the real world and elected a complete idiot to manage the largest enterprise in the world, the United States of America and he has been a resounding failure. But worse than a failure, it is readily apparent to even a casual observer that he HATES the ideas that comprise the essence of this nation and is determined to damage it to the greatest extent possible under his tenure. REMEMBER, actions have consequences! Get rid of the bad consequence of Obama on Tuesday.
The fact that Ryan did not reach over and slam Biden's goofy face into the table to stop his interruptions and smirking is a huge credit to him IMO. I have never seen such contempt and disdain shown before. It was a disgrace to the office. Frankly, I think it would have been great to see Biden trying to dig his teeth out of the top of the table though.
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