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Koskinen is another example of the liberal's belief that certain people (they) are destined, actually ordained to control the masses. Plato's "Philosopher Kings". He is throughly disgusted at the fact that he is actually being questioned by an interloper, a non-Philosopher King type. His reptilian eyes are devoid of emotion, accountability, or morality. He is just like Obama, a liar and a threat to America's continued existence.
Too bad such an outstanding Marine/human being had to receive the nation's highest decoration from a walking, talking, lying piece of garbage named Obama. Semper Fi, brother Marine!
A traitor's endorsement of another traitor! YGBSM!
So what! The idiots of America elected him and would do so again if he promised them an iphone or for that matter a free ice cream cone. The fact that choices have consequences is beyond their cognitive ability to discern. Throw in the fact that congress is (and has been for years) shirking their responsibility to "protect and defend the Constitution" and you have the perfect storm we are facing. These are very dangerous times and I'm not referring to the folks in Crimea, but here at home.
NEWS FLASH for The Washington Post!!!! Obama's entire life/existence is a FANTASY! Where the hell have you been and why are you so late getting to the party?
It would appear that Lois or her attorneys had a call from Valerie Jarrett's office, explaining to her/him that "life can be very tenuous", even more so when you mess with those in power.
What he really meant: "I would love for Hillary to win if the election were tomorrow!" John McCain is a complete and total moron who needs to GO AWAY.
Poor Kirsten, your question should be: Why hasn't Obama told the truth about ANYTHING? The answer is: The truth isn't in him. He's a pathological liar, fraud, and charlatan who despises America. Now, how do you feel about your contributions to his agenda, i.e., destroying America? Your lame, non-sensical endorsements of his "hate America first" policies influence people with low IQs, like democrats. Shame on you.
I maintain a more apt description of the Obamas and the Obama administration would be evil vice incompetent. Their purposes appear to be the harming of America and the American way of life and at that they have been extremely competent, although the results have been evil. No, I vote everything Obama a very competent EVIL.
The fact that this bill ever passed is all the proof you need to prove that the American people have passed the point of being stupid and entered the realm of idiocy. That said, we have been trending towards stupid for a couple of generations. Have we passed the point at which we can survive as a nation? Maybe! If Obozo is any indication of our abilities to discern leadership; probably not!
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