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VIDEO: A Lie Exposed?

Cincinnatius Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 7:41 PM
First, Nancy is stupid. Second, Nancy is merely a life support system for her sphincter which of course does all of her thinking and most of her talking.
I can hear it now. Kerry: Hello Bibi, this is John Kerry, the guy who was a traitor to his country and fellow servicemen, you know, the man who lied about being wounded, three times in Vietnam, in Cambodia, throwing my medals, etc. Well, I'm calling to say how sorry that my boss, the metro sexual, dope smoking, community organizer who has never done anything, except tell lies.... well, he wants me to say that he really doesn't think you're a chickensh*t coward, but one of his top advisors does."
Sadly, you can't fix stupid....and apparently, according to your reference to your friend, you can't educate it either!
Stand down and let Israel do the job that needs to be done, i.e., killing every Hamas, destroying every rocket, and every possible asset that can be used to make war against Israel and by inclusion, their own population. Sadly, even draconian steps such as this will fail because they (Hamas) teach their children to despise Jews/Christians/Infidels from the moment they are born, therefore, it will be like cutting the head off the mythical Hydra, two more will grow back as the children mature.
Another instance of Government gone Wild! Is it time to hit the "RESET" button yet?
Too bad politicians don't have one tenth the courage, insight, integrity, moral clarity, and conviction of this young man. Too bad the world doesn't have one one-millionth of the aforementioned qualities, because IF they did, this problem would not exist. He has seen first hand the aims and desires of this ideology and as a result of his God given common sense to deduce right from wrong, success from failure, and a host of other values that should be intrinsic to mankind, he has arrived at the proper response to Hamas. Why is it so hard for others to see it?
Throw her in prison with the general population and she'll "remember" every one of them within a week. Who needs a hard drive? She'll gladly tell you everything you want to know.
Koskinen is another example of the liberal's belief that certain people (they) are destined, actually ordained to control the masses. Plato's "Philosopher Kings". He is throughly disgusted at the fact that he is actually being questioned by an interloper, a non-Philosopher King type. His reptilian eyes are devoid of emotion, accountability, or morality. He is just like Obama, a liar and a threat to America's continued existence.
Too bad such an outstanding Marine/human being had to receive the nation's highest decoration from a walking, talking, lying piece of garbage named Obama. Semper Fi, brother Marine!
A traitor's endorsement of another traitor! YGBSM!
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