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The Article In Which The Tea Party Accepts Karl Rove's Challenge To A Duel

CicerosGhost Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 12:28 AM
Have you forgotten the 2009 NY 23 house election... Let me remind you.... 3 candidates... Democrat, Republican, and a 'conservative party' candidate.... The Republican refused to concede (even though she trailed by more than 25% in the polls) The Conservative lost to the Democrat by 1043 votes... The Republican took 18% of the vote.... AND Twelve Dems working for (ACORN) were later convicted of manufacturing 2800 fraudulent absentee ballots (But as it was impossible to trace for whom the votes were cast (wink wink) they remained) Who is actually 'fracturing support'?

When Karl Rove, the de facto Capo of the Republican establishment intelligentsia, took aim at the grassroots activists (the Tea Party), offering them up like Issac for sacrifice to the mainstream media and independent voters, he surely doesn't expect them to prostrate themselves at the Altar of Rove.

The Tea Party is ready to do battle. But before we count off our paces, perhaps Mr. Rove would like to rethink his challenge to a duel.

Rove's thesis - that the GOP has been held hostage by the Tea Party, which picks candidates that can't win, thereby sabotaging and embarrassing Republicans -...