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Insane: Liberals Contemplate $1 Trillion Platinum Coin to "Solve" Debt Limit Issue

CicerosGhost Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 6:00 PM
OK.. Let's simply consider what, in legal parlance, is referred to as 'the parade of horribles' (the worst extrapolation of a line of reasoning)... If assumed authorities are simply to be accepted and the individual must resign themselves to any product of such efforts regardless of conflicts with granted constraints then what would prevent a 51% political majority from imposing this.... 'It is determined by congress that all ideologies consistent with authoritarianism, represent an existential threat to the constitution of the United states and therefore the US military is directed to arrest detain and try all US citizens who have wittingly or unwittingly supported efforts to actively undermine the constitution as traitors...

Welcome to Zimbabwe.  This is not a parody -- it is an actual report from the Washington Post:

Some economists and legal scholars have suggested that the “platinum coin option” is one way to defuse a crisis if Congress can’t or won’t lift the debt ceiling soon. At least in theory. The U.S. government is, after all, facing a real problem. The Treasury Department will hit its $16.4 trillion borrowing limit by next February at the latest. Unless Congress reaches an agreement to raise that borrowing limit, the government will no longer be able...

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