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Figures Don't Lie: Democrats Do

chunter Wrote: May 25, 2012 12:07 AM
Isn't it safe to assume that once you add back in the $1.3 Trillion or so he attributed to Bush that BHO isn't the fiscal conservative he now wants to appear to be? I'm sure a more in-depth line-by-line will be done and the numbers are even more skewed than it looks like from above.
Your "facts" are half-truths and willful distortions. The EPA mandate is going to close dozens of coal-fired power plants and prevent the construction of countless others since it won't be cost-effective to meet the new ridiculous standards. No drilling in the gulf which leaves it wide open for China and I doubt they're as concerned with our shorelines as a US oil company would be. If there's another spill why would they care? No oil from the Keystone Pipeline, he's letting that go to China by default, costing millions of potential jobs. Is there a secret agreement that China will only continue financing his spending if he gives them everything they want on energy? Other than renewables of course as that's our money-loser, not theirs....
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