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Cop Killer Praising Rapper "Common" Still Coming to White House

chunt Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 3:05 PM
i really hope that the commentors here realize that name calling doesnt win u any kudos with the general public. how some of these names have anything to do with the point ur trying to make? if u have a point, please make it, but b as factual as possible. u will get more supporters on ur side if they can follow what ur saying and feel confident in ur words. when u go off on the name calling tirades, u sound just like a politician. nobody can stick to regular words anymore. would u support someone if u had no idea what he was talking about? i hope not.
"Common," a rapper being called a "socially conscious artist" by the Left has not yet been dis-invited from the White House for a poetry slam despite having lyrics calling for the assassination of former President George W. Bush and praising convicted Black Panther cop killer Assata Shakur, (JoAnne Chesmard) who has been living in Cuba since breaking out of prison while serving a life sentence.  Common also has a not so convenient connection to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. But of course, the White House isn't planning to revoke the invite and is