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Lois Lerner Talks to DOJ

Chukalukabus Wrote: Mar 07, 2014 9:23 AM
You do know that Lerner was part of the prosecution of Libby? Right? Even the judge knew the source of the "leak" along with the prosecuters before the hearings even began. "Leak" is a stretch though. It was public knowledge that Plame was CIA. How do we know this? Because she told everyone she knew.
Actually HR3590 passed the house as a amendment to a one paragraph veterens bill. The Senate version S1796, was essentially the house version with the text scrambled and a cross reference nightmare. The bills were never reconciled. Which of course is the unconstitutional part.
Reid is not un American, he is anti-American.
Cummings is a member of the Progressive caucus. Translation: he is at best a marxist, most likely a communist. That is un-American.
Nah, the citizens of the USA who foot the bill for all this non-sense no longer have standing in the courts. BHO and Holder saw to that.
Fact check anything the AP does. You find out in short order that they have been completely infiltrated with communist, socialist, and marxist. The dialect of the narrative of human evil has a new home... at the AP. To call them a "news" organization is a joke.
Cry me a river. If I only have 1000 hack attempts from the DNC in a day, that is a good day. No matter how good of security you have, and I have the best you can legally buy, the end result is at minimum a denial of service attack. The OFA crowd is already gearing up folks. You ain't seen nothing yet.
Wrong: the do not have an average IQ. These are some seriously stupid people. These are not the people of Spanish decent. Aside from being stupid, they bring cultural baggage imbedded into they way they think by the communist infiltration in the early 20th century.
The law was moot. The judiciary had already made the call. But the law did serve a purpose. Back in those days, and was until recently the case, that in order to implement any Constitutional duties such as national defense, the right had to support social programs from the left. That is just the way it worked. What BHO has done is wipe the table clean. There is now no barganing. It is socialist, marxist, and communist agenda foward at all cost. Virtually all military programs have been totally eliminated. NASA is in shambles. But the good news is we have 90 million able bodied people unemployed and welfare is skyrocketing.
Longtitudal government study published over 20 years ago conclusion: "The net loss to the ten largest government agencies concerning illegal inhabitants in the USA is on net with all values and cost concerned, a loss to the taxpayer of approximately $24,900 dollar per year for each illegal. Cost to the States is either equal or higher concerning outlays of their state budgets." That was over 20 years ago. So at least double that number now. Sounds about right considering that just on the Federal level the average welfare family costs the taxpayers between $60-90 thousand per year.
If you read the regulations, it is against to law for states to enforce verification of legal status, or any other qualifier for subsidized benefits.
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