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If you look at all the scandals of the Clinton WH years, aside from the bimbo eruptions, all leads point directly at Hillary. From travelgate (kick back scheme) to the pardons for sale racket (pure corruption), all were run out of the first ladies office. She is an extremist left wing marxist to the core. Her senior thesis in college was on none other than Saul Alinsky. Her issue was that Saul was not radical enough. Hillary will run over anyone who gets between her and the power she craves. You would have better luck seperating a big mac from Moochelle.
Nah, to be Treasury Secretary like Geithner you have to be a tax cheat, and have on your resume' the accomplishment of destroying the worlds 7th largest economy while at IMF due to pure incompetence.
Look, obama has yet to account for over half of the campaign donations of his two elections in direct violation of virtually every state and federal election law. As I noted above, What D'Souza did is known as an obama "bundler" on the left. More often than not, this is how the arrangement between the DNC and the public sector employees unions wash their money. It is the Chicago way of doing business. Need that $100 dollar a week raise there buddy? Well give me a $1000 cash and "I'll see what I can do" Don't have a $1000? Well, we might have to have a "discussion" about that.
For those who have actually reserched how the obama campaign organizations function know exactly what this is. Pure BS. From day one that BHO got into politics, It is highly unlikely that there was an election law he did not violate openly. Seem's that if you just call the same thing Mr. Dsouza is now convicted of can be absolved on the left by using the term "bundler" and you are scott free. If you want a case by case blow of just how corrupt BHO is just google "A coup, through and through". This lines out the thuggary employed by BHO and his goons at the 2008 DNC convention. Quite detailed and the source is unimpeachable.
Look ericnot1, you have to look at the math involved. There is this Canuk professor who crunched the numbers on the 10 simplest climate drivers he could find that the whackos are shilling, dimensioned the math with the problem, applied the best known computer algorithims to represent those variables and this was his conclusion: "If you take all of the computing power in the world, and applied it all to just this one model (simplest one), it would take 10 to the 14th years to calculate a 1% statisically significant variance of predicting any climate variance." The problem lies in the fact that the universe as we know it is generally considered to be 10 to the 12th years old. Tell me again what you mean by "every time"? This is your answer.
Darral: This is an excellent idea. Do you know just how scrambled the little teeny tiny brains of the libtards will be if we beat them at their own game? This is going to be a classic. Telling all my friends and associates. Brilliant thinking outside the box my friend.
Hey, fixtherepublic: Might want to check out the facts of the case and maybe learn what in legal terms a "stay" means. A "stay" is simply a term to say "more investigation needed."
I have a copy of her college thesis. Want a copy?
Look, that is not the first time this hag went the route of kubuki theater, and it will not be the last.
Wow. Someone besides myself who has actually done the research on this hag. Kudos. The Hegal ref is quite simply the truth of what this hag is about. The philosopher of communism.
Forgot, and yes, she comes with a body count.
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