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I was reading a geophysical article that had studied natural methane vents in the Earth's crust. They stated that 97% of atmospheric methane is from fissures at the bottom of the worlds oceans. Don't tell obama. He will most likely come up with a plan to drain the oceans to plug the leaks.
Good grief, this is the 3rd Obama shake down story I have come across in the last hour. Always said that you cannot understand the progressive left unless you think of them as a crime cartel.
To sum this article up: Finally, Congress is going to be run by adults.
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Sneering at the Sniper Movie

Chukalukabus Wrote: Jan 02, 2015 10:47 PM
First off, they are not liberals. They are progressives. Formally known as communist. Stalin laid down the law to change their name a couple of years before he died. I prefer how Bill Whittle altered my definition to: "Genetically defective control freaks."
I believe it was Ben Franklin who noted that the only way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it.
Rightmostofthetime: I suggest a little experiment. Go to your local ocean and get a nice big jar of sea water. Bring that home and place a large ice cube in said BP oil spill waters and make a few observations. First after adding the ice cube mark the water level on the jar pronto. Now observe the amount of the ice cube that is above water. Just like the ice cubes big brother, the ice burg, about 1% of the ice will be above the water level. After the ice cube has melted, observe the water level. Say it ain't so Joe. The myth of rising seas is just that. There is x amount of H2O on earth that is constant. The relevant phenomenon going on here that the whackos are shilling is that the water is not rising, the land is receding. This happens when you deplete water tables under the shoreline and dam up all inland water ways. The stuff shorelines are made up is sinking at shoreline (kind of like cracks in a dried mud flat), and the new replacement shoreline gets stuck in Missouri at the bottom of a dammed river. I just love the way Gore preaches about the glaciers "melting." That is a crock too. Those big chunky white things falling off the glaciers at shoreline have been on the road for a while.... like hundreds of thousands years long time in most cases. They are not melting, they are receding to the point of least resistance... which will always end at the sea shore. It is called gravity.
Taking a page out of reality... When in college I took a undergrad class in electronics at UT Austin. The first sentence of the whopper of a textbook was this: "All energy derives from the Sun." I was a little perplexed by this at first, but after thinking about it for a while it made absolute sense. The logic runs along Einstein's observation on the definition of darkness. In reality darkness is defined as the absence of light. Light is energy. Electronics is based on manipulating energy. In any economy, in any civilization ever known to the human race, energy is the driver. This is the weapon that BHO is welding against the USA and the world. It comes with the guise of the environment and faux claims of immanent death for those who do not tow the administrations one world Marxist agenda. Have a good day my fellow comrade Ransom. Time to take the ministers of "Truth" into the courtyard and show the "chicken littles" of this world a taste of their dysfunction with their backs against the courtyard wall Hemmingway style.
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Have You Met...Rep. Diane Black

Chukalukabus Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 9:33 PM
Can you imagine the level of panic if the Federal government was required by law to utilize a lean program in the form of the likes of Demming, Shewhart, and Goldblat? We are talking better results with about 90% less payroll.
I think you are a little off base on the oil companies. In the USA the average gallon of gas at the pump contains 47 cents of taxes. The amount of profit the oil companies get from that gallon? Try less than 2 cents.
If you look at the U6 numbers "many" is actually right at about 80%. The kicker is that if you lose your full time job and are busted to part time due to obamacare, this administration counts that as a "job created."
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