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I guess when your goal is to "fundamentally transform America", you start with the working premise that there are a great many differences between how you view the world and how "America", personified, views it. And given this perception, of COURSE lying to Americans will have to become one of the primary tools in crafting this "transformation". So will the premise that Americans are generally stupid have to become true for anyone who thinks America needs fundamental transforming. And so will the premise that those who think America needs fundamental transforming lead them to perceive themselves as superior in virtually ever respect to the American people who have presided over the country for the last 200+ years that now, in their worldview, has become evil, unjust, greedy, and now MUST be "transformed". What amazes me is how many of us expected truth from a presidential candidate who was promising to "fundamentally transform" the nation. Weren't the logical implications of that promise clear, just as I've repeated them above? Only a black candidate could get elected making such a promise, which is exactly why we have President Barrack Obama now threatening to suspend law and order in this country, shred the Constitution, and turn all into political chaos during the balance of his lame duck tenure.
This is what I don't get: Gruber says he needed the "lack of transparency" (aka - lies) to fool the "stupid" voters so that the bill would pass. What "voters" is he talking about? There was no general election on the PPACA. No GOP congressperson voted for it in the House or the Senate, so clearly the "tortured language" didn't fool any congressional Republicans. So to whom was Gruber referring? All that's left is the congressional Democrats in both chambers of Congress who passed the bill in a strictly partisan fashion and sent to to Obama for signature. And if he's thinking he fooled those Democrats into voting for it, what he's saying is incoherent. So, again, what "voters" is this moron talking about that he had to "fool" with the convoluted language he used in writing the bill, and that were "stupid" enough to fall for it?
Obama's remark caused me to recall that comedian who used to do Bush so well; the bit about the "inside words" and the "outside words" and when the "inside words come out". Refer ; starting at 2:35, but the whole bit is hilarious.
It's not the article that makes the point that Dems knew they didn't have any mandate from the American voter to pass the ACA, but pretended (and still pretend!) they do. We're supposed to live in a country where measuring an idea as "good" or "bad" is determined by how the majority of voters perceive it. Voters did NOT give Democrats control of both Houses of Congress and the White House to produce an overhaul of the American healthcare system similar to the one they so roundly rejected only ten years earlier! No majority of voters has ever accepted the ACA as a "good" idea. And as the videos in this article made clear, even those who wrote and worked hardest to pass this healthcare reform not only understood that the majority of American voters were against it, but intentionally misrepresented it on nearly a daily basis during the MONTHS of debate that led up to it's passage without a single Republican vote, based on their judgment it was the only way to pass it. The passage of the ACA demonstrates clearly that the Democratic Party no longer cares about government by the people, that instead it sees the American people as cattle, and themselves as the ranch owner.
Well, I guess this will be just another story that goes here:
"NAACP Releases Statement On 2014 Elections, But No Mention Of Mia Love Or Tim Scott's Historic Wins" This is
Well go for you. I'm sure he can use it when he comes up for re-election. Here's hoping when that time comes we can both still be glad you sent it to him.
If Landrieu had any honest feeling for women and minorities in the South, rather than subject them to one more stupid, negative, sexist, racist political ad, she'd quit.
All you people who just a few weeks ago were saying you are too "conservative" to vote for a candidate like Roberts, don't worry, you'll benefit in spite of yourselves.
Why is it Boehner always seems to strike the wrong tone at the right time? If this isn't the time for Republicans to do a little celebrating, then I'd like to hear John's thoughts on what would be.
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Why You Shouldn’t Vote

ChuckintheOC Wrote: Nov 02, 2014 5:11 AM
Well said. I just wish we were past having to preach common sense voting, because what it really says is that we have a country full of children who can legally vote, and that is not a hopeful picture. I say we ban people who are stupid, childish, or lack the means of self-support from voting until this country gets back on the right track.
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