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This administration simply cannot abide a Republican, any Republican, in any federal office, department, bureau, or agency. Obama and his "inner circle" would rather have their arms cut off than reach across "the isle" in good faith. And, of course, the irony here is that the historic divisiveness in government is harming Americans.
Or you could...OMG...pay for it yourself, and save yourself the trip! (and the wait)
Well let's hope Gardner takes another page out of the Democrat's play book, and breaks all his promises once he's sworn into office.
And this is what Obama calls "working with Republicans". Didn't we all just know what he meant when he said it?
What do you expect from a Democrat but to be for government intervention into the private marketplace that has the effect of driving up prices? They do this as an autonomic reflex...like breathing or blinking. The only news here is that she got some resistance from a fellow Dem.
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You Lie!

ChuckintheOC Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 3:25 PM
I don't know if Obama is as concerned with his "legacy" as the commentators seem to be, but when his time is finished in office I know what it will be. No other president in history has so repeatedly demonstrated such an indifference to truth.
Eric Holder had no constitutional authority to go to Ferguson. It was pure political theater, and racist political theater to boot. But then who has any doubts left about Eric Holder's personal racism against whites?
Rubio has always gotten more grief from his "Gang of Eight" participation than his actions there really deserved. I'd like to see him front and center in any Republican senatorial pushback against Obama's legalization of over four million illegal aliens, if indeed Obama ever actually does issue that EO.
I guess when your goal is to "fundamentally transform America", you start with the working premise that there are a great many differences between how you view the world and how "America", personified, views it. And given this perception, of COURSE lying to Americans will have to become one of the primary tools in crafting this "transformation". So will the premise that Americans are generally stupid have to become true for anyone who thinks America needs fundamental transforming. And so will the premise that those who think America needs fundamental transforming lead them to perceive themselves as superior in virtually ever respect to the American people who have presided over the country for the last 200+ years that now, in their worldview, has become evil, unjust, greedy, and now MUST be "transformed". What amazes me is how many of us expected truth from a presidential candidate who was promising to "fundamentally transform" the nation. Weren't the logical implications of that promise clear, just as I've repeated them above? Only a black candidate could get elected making such a promise, which is exactly why we have President Barrack Obama now threatening to suspend law and order in this country, shred the Constitution, and turn all into political chaos during the balance of his lame duck tenure.
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