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Of course! All federal agents have been given total immunity for any taxpayers they might murder! No prosecutor will press charges. Just like police, never any charges brought! Sometimes a phantom "Grand Jury" exonerates them. Remember Janet Reno saying: "any federal employee can kill any citizen, any time, it's their RIGHT" That was in excusing Lon Horiuchi for murdering Randy's Weaver's wife! And the "federal Marshal" (Degan) murdering his 11 year old son! (that marshal has been made a hero for killing a child) "WHEN" Killery steals the Whitehouse, we will see more murders, remember Arkancide?
Presently the cattle are worth about $1200 each, X 352 = $422,400 How much is going into democrat campaign funds?
Feinstein has an assault FACE. Instead of launching a hundred ships...it sinks a nation!
OK, you asked! A gasolene engine is at best 50% efficient , An alternator is about 70% efficient, charging batteries varies from 25% to 60% efficient, an electric motor at 80% You can calculate the total losses! Versus Engine--transmission---wheels .
I'll bet you that Michael Brune doesn't run it in his Mercedes! He just wants YOU to have no other choice!
About BP and Israel.....I wonder if you can enlighten me about the reason why over a billion dollars of the "settlement money from BP" ended up in Israel? I didn't know that the spill extended that far?
Izzat the same reason that so many leftist "useful idiots" want us to continue to support the radical Muslim "Muslim Brotherhood" in taking over all governments and murdering everyone not of their sect?
You would like to forget that through Obama, using the taxpayers' money, The surviving Mau Mau murderers were given "Pensions" and settlements of thousands of American dollars? Of course the victims were the hated WHITE colonists! And that is all right with Obama and the liberals! Of which you are one?
Another interesting subject: The FAA safety bureau says that Doctors and lawyers make the worst pilots, as they are used to having their way and not being questioned! They think they are better than everyone else, and don't have the usual human failings, like "Vertigo" and wrong situation awareness from vertigo" Ie, Kennedy, He flew his plane right into the water thinking he was straight and level, (a vertigo example) refusing to believe the gyro, "he was perfect, he didn't need a gyro" Nature didn't believe he was a superior being! But some stupid worshipers did? That comes from a lifetime of always being excused for everything he did wrong! You could call that Affulenza!
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