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You are MUCH TOO KIND, JJONES ! But very accurate !
SOMEONE please CHECK raul's papers NOW !! ..escort him to johnny mccain's office, the manchurian unStatesman. Assume the position, raul.... this is a checkpoint for the SURVIVAL of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA !! No azatlanians allowed.
Hell-a-balloo !! ... PhillupSpace2 , The 11 million figure of 'ILLEGAL INVADERS' was assessed well before the year 2000. And if you add the estimated 2 million PER YEAR of ILLEGAL INVADERS, then ... hmmm... 2 mill X 13 years (conservatively !), and we can add 26 MILLION to the 11 MILLION which TOTALS a CONSERVATIVE NUMBER of 37 MILLION ... and since they (MSM and YOUR GOV'T) go out of their way to low-ball the numbers, you would be more accurate if you simply DOUBLED the 37 Million and come up with the 75 MILLION ILLEGALS !! ... which you are paying their food, housing and healthcare for !!!! Have A GREAT DAY !! Withdraw your BANK savings now, while you have an opportunity. Your prez reads THE POST AMERICAN WORLD !!
PLEASE, PLEASE, 'patiriotic liberal' ..... Can you fathom a different name to call yourself. Uttering those two words in the same sentence has my cognitive powers coming to a complete screeching halt ! Patriotic would denote a concerned, thinking, mature American who is knowledgable of all things fiscal. liberal would denote a mindless, vulgar, immature, unprofessional, completely unaware of fiscal responsiblitlies. A complete non-sequitur. You might as well call oneself, a beutiful ogre ! DOES NOT FOLLOW.
FOLLIES .... Yes, you ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT !! "yous..guys lost.." YES, we, conservatives and more informed patriots DID LOSE BIG TIME on the scotus' decision. But what is REALLY FUNNY and SCARY is those on the liberal, commie, dnc, side that respond in victory as the worst, lowest-class losers in their VULGAR, THREATENING TONES, as though they lost. Class-less, ignorant masses of un-professional, ignorant victors, NOT KNOWING half of what they are in store for. Hurry up FOLLIES, as you may still be able to get in on bo's WAIVER of the bammycare, much like all his union thugs have done so. If bo's union thugs don't want any part of bammycare, and they have been given WAIVERS to protect themselves from bammycare,then deduce!
MARKIE, ...... Pray tell, WHO was the author of that 'book' ? Was that 'book' your bible ? Did the author have principled ETHICS ?? ..or did he do any gun running in a fast & furious manner ? Did he attend the www.manscountrychicago.com house of education ? Did he sign onto communism precepts, as his mentor, Frank, his mother and grandparents did ? Did he soak up all the commie and American-hating garbage distributed by rev.Wright ? if you even bought or opened 'his book', that alone tells us where you stand.
Hey, yourgodisnuttinbutacult , You want history, and objectivity in determing who wants and relishes in voter fraud ? Try the kkk, whose members formed the democrat party when it was not in vogue to go public with their crimes against all Americans. The dems recruit their like-kind. ... violent criminals, thugs, dirt-bags. It is only natural for this vermin to gravitate toward taking something sacred and precious to all Americans and turn it into something of a desecration, and to make the entire process totally illegitimate ! bo's machine has already demonstrated that they will not let anything get in the way of a complete victory, as you can research on your own sorry_ass, the deaths that occurred in 2008 during critical cauc
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