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The Obamunist-Controlled Press Has a Job to Do on Jobs

chuchuredka Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 4:59 PM
The Wall Street Journal stated that the new jobless claims have been revised upward for 57 of the last 58 weeks. The chance of this occurance being a random statistical event is 0.0000001%.

This week’s jobless claims came in higher than expected tending to confirm that the recovery is: 1) still very slow; and 2) jobless, despite attempts by the Obamunist-controlled press to paint a different picture.  

Politico headlined that unemployment applications “decline slightly” this week.

The Associated Press via the Chicago Sun Times- an Obamunist press if there ever was one- also reported that unemployment applications “decline slightly.” Reuters too skewed its headline: “US jobless claims edge down last week,” as did the...

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