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Chris Matthews won't talk to me? Wow I truly am blessed. At least the Republican establishment now knows how Ron Paul people feel, when you have victory snatched from your grasp. Stew on that one you thieves for your skullduggery. I hope Obama sics the TSA on Romney like Romney did to Paul, and has his privates fondled as the ultimate in karma retribution. I voted but wrote in Ron Paul.
Read Anthony Sutton, G. Edward Griffin, and Juri Lina - behold the private banking cartels created communism, created nazi, funded the Japanese war machine, they create the very demons they force your sons to die for and destroy; and reap untold billions in profits. They aren't wizards, they are satanic slime.
Load, aim, squeeze...repeat as necessary.
No, that would be Walter Cronkite; gladly sitting at the right hand of satan, along with his globalist minions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXZw1GrT5lk
No one mentions how the private banking cartel is the largest swindle in the history of humanity upon this planet. Placing generations yet born into servitude to banking interests who are a net drain upon the wealth and resources of the planet, because it is based upon deception, upon debt, and without debt, they would have no wealth at all. They are leaches upon the blood life of the productivity of humanity...borrowing our money from private banking cartels at interest, is a mathematical certainty of bankers owning 100%, public owning 0%. There are alternatives, the history of banking and speculation are the history of those who prefer to do nothing, but to use 1% of the labor of 100 to think they have gained wealth. Then 1% grows until
Yeah, they hate us for our freedoms...you don't see TSA in Muslim countries caressing their privates, they would probably chop off the hands of someone who tried. They hate us for our Patriot Act, for our NDAA, abortions on demand for our teenaged daughters without parental consent, forced vaccinations, flouridation, GMO laden food, DHS buying collectively billions of rounds of ammunitions, which are prohibited by Geneva Convention, internet kill switches, our soaring internal checkpoints, presidential directives which would have mad Hitler, Stalin, and Mao blush; swat teaming of raw milk Amish, demonization of veterans as possible threats, etc., etc., etc. Yeah, those who hate us are just gushing with jealousy...
The new anthems for the DNC and RNC should be Lenard Cohen's "Everybody Knows" Everybody knows that the dice are loaded Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed Everybody knows that the war is over Everybody knows the good guys lost Everybody knows the fight was fixed The poor stay poor, the rich get rich That's how it goes Everybody knows Everybody knows that the boat is leaking Everybody knows that the captain lied Everybody got this broken feeling Like their father or their dog just died Everybody talking to their pockets Everybody wants a box of chocolates And a long stem rose Everybody knows...
After the shameful treatment of Dr. Paul, there is no honor left in the Republican Party, nor is there any viable alternative with Democratic circles. I don't believe there are any parties out there to support the majority of Americans. There is only a corrupt policitical cabal, that is willing to hold onto power at expense. It is evident that the media, political, and financial elements wish to foster a toxic feudalism of contempt over the majority, and I don't believe the majority will buy into the Republicrat in shining armor is going to save us Bernais-control-the-masses mentaltiy will be enough this go round.
This company needs Corzine, I hear he has 1.2 billion to invest (no sense in letting it go to waste). Make him CEO and who knows where they could go. Ken Ley and Madoff should of had better connections. Having big figure plate dinners for special people gives new meaning to chew and screw.
You people just don't get it. While people were watching Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, Obama has insured another 4 years, by his executive fiat back dooor amnesty. They are his fifth column, that will plunge this nation into the one world government by making us all a third world country, which will incinerate the Constitution, in favor of what Pelosi and Obama will call, equitable distribution. My father came from the Ukraine, suffered through the Holomodor; and he warned me many moons ago, that we were too complacent and ignorant of what is to come. Re-education.
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