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A Strategy for Romney That Could Actually Win the Presidency

chronic_relatiivism Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 12:05 PM
You people just don't get it. While people were watching Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, Obama has insured another 4 years, by his executive fiat back dooor amnesty. They are his fifth column, that will plunge this nation into the one world government by making us all a third world country, which will incinerate the Constitution, in favor of what Pelosi and Obama will call, equitable distribution. My father came from the Ukraine, suffered through the Holomodor; and he warned me many moons ago, that we were too complacent and ignorant of what is to come. Re-education.

I have already gone on record saying that the Romney campaign has not been mean and tough enough. The Obama crowd, which knows it is important to define an opposing candidate in a negative light before the candidate really gets to introduce himself to the public, has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at both Romney and Paul Ryan to accomplish that goal. There is now some evidence that the Romney camp and its supporters are getting more aggressive in their efforts to define President Obama.

But while they have not reached the butt-kicking Lee Atwater take-no-prisoners effort of...