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Great News: New Black Panther Party Members Plan to Put Their Boots on the Necks of Republicans

Christopher A Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 11:38 AM
This a disgrace! If it were a white organization doing this, let slone the tea party, it would be all OVER the mainstream media and they'd be brought up on charges of making terroristic threats. Side Note: Based on this woman's rhetoric, whites aren't people.

Going to the Republican National Convention in Tampa at the end of August? If so, watch out for New Black Panthers who plan to put their boots on your neck. 

"We are under siege in Tampa because of this Republican National Convention."

"The Republicans hate black people."

"You better believe I'm going to put my God damned boot on their motherf****** necks!"

If that woman's voice, Michelle Williams, sounds familiar, it's because it is familiar. Williams called for a...