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Mia Love's Coming Out Party

Christopher A Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 8:52 PM
Can someone please explain to me why Republican women are so-damn-hot?!?!??! LOOK at this woman! She's GOEGEOUS!
Are you a retard, or just stupid?
Yeah, they REALLY need to appologize for having Bush keep this country safe for 8 years, creating a booming economy for 7 yrs. and the deficit at $450 billion a year. He over spent, sure. But he added 5 trillion debt in 8 years doesn't compare to Obama's 5 1/2 trillion in just under 4 years. So why don't YOU appologize for not knowing anything.
Can someone tell me WHY he let her have the last word? She's a pig. All she does is lie and reinforce her lies hoping something will stick. Only Leftist Democrats who badly want to believe her do. She has zero credibility anymore if, indeed, she ever had any!
Don't care...they refuse to take ownership of their own neighborhoods by not "snitchin" then cry like babies when the slime they won't snitch on kills one of their family members.
This a disgrace! If it were a white organization doing this, let slone the tea party, it would be all OVER the mainstream media and they'd be brought up on charges of making terroristic threats. Side Note: Based on this woman's rhetoric, whites aren't people.
What ever happened to, "If I can't fix this, it'll be a one term proposition." Didn't OBMORON make THAT promise too??? GEEZ, he doesn't stand behind ANYthing he says, DOES he!
At least Harry had some facts and figures to support what he said, not an empty allegation of "proaganda." Why don't you elighten us and actual SAY something?
He stepped on his D*** again...LMAO!
Knapp got owned. I LOVE it when Libs loose the argument.
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