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Romney's foreign policy may mean hardball is back

Christopher429 Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 12:58 PM
Yet Still Again.....freaking GOP "conservative" imperialists and MilIndCom shills/lackeys/mouthpieces. More Globalism, more invasions, more occupations, more Apache Helicopter Pilots laughing at slaughtering children, more US taxpayers stolen money given to the BIPARTISAN MilIndComplex, More injuries to soldiers, more crosses in military cemetaries, more military parades with 18 yr old unemployed American kids with guns in serried ranks, more "Blowback" and more militarism. How "conservative" "patriotic" Council on Foreign Relationsish.... How Hegelian..."conservative" globalist warmonger Willard...vs "liberal" globalist warmonger Obama....a "choice". and TH and the "respectible" conservatives pitched the message of...

Mitt Romney wants the United States to get much tougher with Iran and to end what a top adviser calls President Barack Obama's "Mother, may I?" consensus-seeking foreign policy.

With the presidential nomination all but locked up, an examination of Romney's foreign policy pronouncements and the team advising him on those issues indicates Americans and the world might expect a Republican campaign that reprises the hawkish and often unilateral foreign policy prescriptions that guided Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

"The world is better off when the United States takes the lead. We should not be playing `Mother, may I?' about sanctions on...

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