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Gingrich Proposes Treaty Recognizing Right to Keep and Bear Arms as Fundamental Human Right

Christopher429 Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 7:19 PM
In 1990 the OneWorld Promoters Council on Foriegn Relations announced its chosen members for the last the mix was Marxist Jesse Jackson...and....Newton Leroy. Newt has long career of globalism and imperialism. CFR shill Newt follows the line and CONDONES and CONCEDES THE PREMISE and LEGITIMATIZES International Law and the UNITED NATIONS ITSELF by delicately saying "His Administration" would submit his collectivist and statist "treaty" to be submitted to the Marxists in New York(sorry about the redundancy) for "approval". How slavish and servile.....and utterly repugnant. Newton needs to go back to Georgia and write some more tomes on globalism..and stay OUT of DC and the GOP......but then his megalmania would veto that......

This is purely my estimation of the audience, but it seems like Newt Gingrich got more frequent, enthusiastic applause at the NRA convention than the person who spoke directly before him--Mitt Romney.

Gingrich covered several topics, including opening offshore space and federal land to development of oil and gas. But he challenged the NRA to go more on the offense in protecting gun rights, and the climax of his speech was a proposal of international recognition that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental human right.

A Gingrich administration, the former...

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