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the Bush Family....generations of shills for more government and more centralization...a pack of aristocratic elitists with fawning followers... Corporate Socialism....the Bush Family is "good" "conservative"...
Hacking away at the branches of the tree of tyranny while not striking at the root....."conservatives" are correctly pointing out the evilness of having the UN(a foreign entity) involved in Chicago's education..but have been conditioned to NOT OPPOSING government education LET ALONE FEDERAL "EDUCATION".......and are hacking away at the symptoms/logical and predictable results.. Where O Where is the WORD "Education" in the Constitution..that thing Conservatives all worship and promise to obey and honor - and that Contract(did YOU sign it) limiting and defining the actions and LIMITS to the FEDERAL Government. and Gee..didnt Ronald Reagan campaign in 1980 PROMISING to ABOLISH the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Dept of Ed(and Dept of En)???????? Separation of School and State is the only moral and ethical solution....remove your(they are YOURS not the State's!) children from the Ministry of Education/NEA laboratory Gulags(CCTV/RFID/LBGT forced tolerance and commingling/New Age pyschobabble brainwashing/LookSay method of "learning" English and all MANDATORY) and/or not to let them step ONE FOOT in the Marxist Government "education facilities".
we will hang together...those that stay in the Faith till their or THE End....
NATO(and SEATO and AU and soon NAU) are/were Article 51 Treaties that place them under the control of the UN Security Council. Thoroughly unConstitutional and totally Orwellian/Huxleyian World Government Regional Powers, they helped to usher in international law and the abrogation of independence and soveriegnty of nations. THAT INCLUDES THE UNITED STATES..whose Globalist Leaders(of both of the main Parties) of Military, Finance, Academia and Business were behind the creation of the precursors, agents and the future foundations of their planned One World Government. Global Socialism maintained and enforced by treaties backed by "collective force"... perpetual war for perpetual peace. Read and reread "1984", "Brave New World Revisited"
Conservatives today evidently didnt read the history books of both the school book history..and the exposes of the UN and the US FOUNDERS of it and their PURPOSE of it.... itTHE UN is NOT "sad" or "pathetic" or "liberal" is the vehicle and superstructure and foundation of the planned One World Government. The gradual NOW HURTLING abrogation and surrender of the US sovereignty and independence is almost complete...the tentacles of global socialist legality is now enveloping and affecting American life at all levels...Agenda21, IMF interest payments, US Troops and Military planners under UN controls and agendas, and rising internationalism in regards to culture and outlook. Conservatives and libertarians need to both read the history and stop promoting merely partisan and bereft of historical fact political solutions. Not much time left....
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One Nation, Indivisible

Christopher429 Wrote: Apr 30, 2013 10:12 AM
Wonder if Rick talked about the wonders of "fair" and "equal" Government/DoEd/NEA Dewey laboratories at the Grosse he used the word "fair" and "government help" a good mainstream Republican.... Maybe some clever student or NEA approved teacher could ask Ricky "how many times is the WORD! "education" in the Constitution??????? maybe the student could offer to place a bet with Ricky...THAT would be news...
Good and Bigger and Better Government Republican Hughblewitt....condoning and enabling the State Security State...and its apparatus'...and its operations with a sweeping hand of ad hominums and holier than thou patriotism...... Hugh will be the one leading the cheers of Outer Party Members at the next 2 Minute Hate...... in a 'Conservative" and "conservative Republican" way!!!!!!!!
The Abortion Industry, aided and abetted by the Media and the taxpayers, is hunkered down in their clean, subsidized, and licensed office buildings and patiently waiting for this to blow over...they will casually cast aside this doctor to the wolves(the RRight) - he IS expendable to them..thousands more licensed "providers" of abortion are available for their MOSTLY Taxpayer subsidized "services" ....and merely keep "keeping on"....slaughtering, chopping up, scraping and vacuuming out human bodies and parts from the 94% "inconvenienced" mothers exercising their Government GIVEN "right" to kill their child. Remember to ask yourself..WHY is abortion "grisly"???????????????????????????
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It's Not Just About Gosnell

Christopher429 Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 11:14 AM
In MOST articles and posters and news about abortion in general, the horrors of WHAT abortion IS and HOW it is done and the consequence to the Human BABY are glossed over with words like "grisly" and "it makes me ill" and "too lurid". WHY is the "legal" chopping up and vacuuming out parts of a human baby, created by God, "too lurid", "grisly" - and does it make(a reporter), a reader YOU? ill?????? The Abortion Industry, aided and abetted by the Media and the taxpayers, is hunkered down in their clean, subsidized, and licensed office buildings and patiently waiting for this to blow over...they will casually cast aside this doctor to the wolves(the RRight) - he IS expendable to them. Remember what abortion IS and DOES to human baby.
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Beyonce and Jay-Z Bankroll Racists

Christopher429 Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 1:40 PM
Conservatives for that matter forget to mention fmr Black Panther activist Anthony Bryant who back in 1970 hijacked a plane and took it to Cuba to help in the Revolution....racist Castro promptly thru him in jail..and Bryant realized and got to experience the ugly racism and STALINIST Terror that Castro and his ilk did in and to Cuba....he was released in 1980...he became a Christian and antiCommunist....and tried to speak to the AfriAmerican Community as both..and was dismissed and mocked. I met and worked with him several times in the late 80's...not only did get to experience the sad mockery and ignoring by the Left and the Media but the indifference, patronizing and using by the "conservatives" VERY patronizing was the Right..........
Rick still/yet again sounds like shrill European street corner yellers in the 1930's demanding fairness and "better" government to "fix" things..... and like American ones also. His Republican brand of corporatism is what has BEEN TRIED AND IMPLEMENTED and has been very "successful" in coopting and running BOTH of the MAJOR Political Parties.. with the logical results glaringly evident..... Rick's corporatism and faux populism along with his guilt trips and faux tears is quite offensive. The GOP's statism and interventionism is as rank and vile as the supposed "opposite" Democrats...and Rick proudly continues to shill for more of the same.....more business/government "partnerships" and more state and local controls. UGH....
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