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Is President Obama Liberalism's Gorbachev?

Christopher142 Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 2:17 PM
One additional problem that the ruling class faces that Bowyer fails to mention is the fact that the elite universities that they all attend are not providing a very good education anymore. They have been living off their reputations for decades. They have impressive buildings and impressive reputations and lots of famous people, but the education just isn't there the way it used to be. Many far less prestigious schools offer a far better education than the elites do now.

Angelo Codevilla has spent more than his share of time as a sojourner among America’s ruling class. He was a key part of the Reagan transition and point-man in the Gipper’s efforts to transform both the foreign and the intelligence services. Then later he served as a professor of International Relations at prestigious Boston University. From this vantage point, Codevilla was able to get a close look not only at the international relations elite, but at the entire American ruling class, from which the former are overwhelmingly drawn. I had the honor of sitting across a Skype line with...

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