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With the collapse of Obamacare and the rest of the liberal agenda, big spending liberalism is dead. The liberals will not be pushing big spending liberalism anymore. That's a good thing, but unfortunately the liberals will not let it go at that. My guess is that they shift gears and focus instead on a massive assault on Christianity.
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Branding Hillary Clinton

Christopher142 Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 9:10 AM
I'm not sure the Clintons had anything to do with all these deaths, but if they did, so what? The Clintons are Democrats and the Democrats are on the side of the underdog. They care about the Little People.
Kathleen Sibelius should have stayed in Finland and stuck to writing music.
Campaign finance "reform" was never much more than an attempt by the left to rig the elections in favor of their preferred candidates. After all, restrictions on campaign spending hurt Republicans and conservatives much more than they hurt the Democrats. This is because the Democrats do not need to spend as much money to promote their candidates as they already have the labor unions, universities, and mainstream media doing it for them at no charge. One lesson to be learned from this, by the way, is to always be leery of anything labeled as a "reform."
An informative and encouraging article! My hunch is that legalized abortion is on its last legs. When it finally goes, that will be something to celebrate!
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Silence of the Left

Christopher142 Wrote: Mar 15, 2014 1:51 AM
I believe the leading cause of poverty in the United States is the lousy education lower income children are getting out of the schools that they are attending. Almost all of these schools are run by government. There is no mystery as to why these schools are failing. Government does a lousy job with almost everything it does. Why expect the schools to be any different? To solve the problem, eliminate all school taxes and let the taxpayers keep their money. Next take the buildings, real estate, and other assets of the school system and auction them off to the highest bidder. Once all this is done, government is out of education and private initiative takes over. Experience shows that private initiative is nearly always superior to government.
President Obama is frequently compared to President Carter. If I were Carter, I would sue for slander. Carter was not perfect, but he was honest. In spite of the mess-up economy, he managed to do a few good things. For one, he kept us out of war. And he gave us airline and trucking deregulation.
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What Changed the Vikings?

Christopher142 Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 7:23 PM
Great article. The Vikings were mainly seafaring people. During their raids throughout Europe, they were most troublesome along the coasts and up and down the rivers. Islands like Britain and Ireland and France with its many navigable rivers were hit especially hard. When you visit those areas today, you see a lot of blonds. Coincidence?
In the old days, there were many good people who supported liberal causes. As time has passed, these good people saw through liberalism and began to drop out one by one. We have now reached the point where nearly all the good people have disappeared from liberal causes, and the only people left are bad people. This is why liberalism has become more vicious and ruthless. All the good people have left, and there are no longer any good people around to restrain and moderate the bad people. Because liberalism has become more vicious, this is a dangerous time. But liberalism is in its death throes because every movement needs good people to survive and they just are not there any more.
My guess is that the Democratic Party will go the way of the Nazi Party in Germany and the Communist Party in Russia. It will be outlawed before too many more years are out.
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