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How's About a Chicken Sandwich?

Christine341 Wrote: Aug 02, 2012 9:47 PM
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! SOOO love your reasoning! The most original comment I've seen in the 2 days of reading articles AND their following comment lines. (Which are usually better than the article, anytime, not just now.) Priceless! I sure hope you see this.

Only in America. Meaning, naturally, 21st- century America, the country where you postulate your own view of reality and people with different views -- older views, especially -- better agree with you or else keep their so-and-so-ing mouths shut, the so-and-so-ing rednecks!

That would bring us to the Chick-fil-A question.

Chick fil-A. Hmmm. Being no patron of fast food, I wasn't sure until fairly recently how one was supposed to pronounce the name. Chick Fill-Uh? We certainly know better now. It's what comes of outraging advocates of same-sex unions by deferring to God when it concerns the purposes...