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Why does this effin site keep "refreshing" and losing where I am and what I'm writing????????? AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I give up!! Nice talking w/ you all for a while, anyway. GAH!!
No, I think "pfffft" would be a better written sound effect for any power his "dy-no-mite!" might have.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "Stupiter"... Choice!
Sell health insurance like car insurance, cross country, over the inter-tubes and on the TV. Drive premiums down once they don't have a head lock on you. I have GEICO, I still have to ask for a MD licensed agent, follow MD laws, keep state minimums. But I'll tell you, I'm paying less NOW for FULL coverage than I did for BASIC back in the late 70's! Competition. Plain and simple. That & allow hosp. to turn away those they know abuse the system. Emergency services yes, but you abuse it, you lose it. Keep paying, even little bits, hosp takes you in, no sweat. NO ILLEGALS TREATED!!!
Unfortunately & **VERY** much against our will, my hubby was FORCED to go on Medicare - even when we already have top notch private insur. - cuz the St of MD said he had to, BOTH A & B! We were LIVID!!! We haven't taken ANY Fed money, since we were forced to for a while after he got laid off in '09, not even food stamps, but now we have to? Thank God at least I can keep my share of the insurance he walked a yard of 500-800, gang-mixed, prisoners for 20 long years, w/ nothing but a flashlight & a 4 oz can of Mace. Plus his skills. Big whoop on the former, thank God for the latter. And now he's forced like a sheep for the slaughter to go onto the Federal dole when we were happy to pay our own way?? **F** THAT!!
Who ARE you talking about???
Same as yours. Let health co.'s sell their products like GEICO, Progressive & esurance do now. I'm a GEICO customer - I ask for a MD-licensed agent, my insurance must conform to state laws, & if I quit my insurance, I'll pay out the ears for what every MD resident fears, an FR-19. Now how come THEY can do it, & health co.'s are "supposedly" unable pull off this same feat?? Before all this, I was an Allstate & a State Farm cust. They had me by the short & curlies & could charge me anything & what could I do about it?? Nothing! Now if I don't like my vehicle insurance, I can just pull up stakes & move somewhere else & THE COMPANIES KNOW THAT!! As for those who are high risk, every state I'm aware of has a high risk pool. How hard is that??
The teachers are absent 11.5 days a school year, "no sweat", and yet honor students, supporting their family w/ TWO jobs, get jailed w/ rapists and murderers, for missing 10 days of school! Too much, too much. smh Reverse that, maybe the teachers will have higher attendance! Of course, they're all already thieves, if the stats in this article are true.
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