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The Uncool President

Christine241 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 8:28 AM
I could add to your list a 7. Mocking Romney with the 'boats that planes land on' comment about our modern military, while whining mere days later that there wasn't any way he (obummer) could have saved the Benghazi Ambassador and defenders as if he and we don't realize that our incredible military could have SAVED them. What irony! What a clown!
In 2008, Barack "No Drama" Obama was the coolest presidential candidate America had ever seen -- young, hip, Ivy League, mellifluous and black, with a melodic and exotic name. Rock stars vied to perform at his massive rallies, where Obama often began his hope-and-change sermons by reminding the teary-eyed audience what to do in case of mass fainting.

Money, like manna from heaven, seemed to drop spontaneously into his $1 billion campaign coffers. Ecstatic Hollywood stars were rendered near speechless at the thought of Obama's promised Big Rock Candy Mountain to come -- peace, harmony, prosperity and "5 million new...