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Was anyone wearing tinfoil when our government surrounded the Branch Davidians home, shooting through the front door? When they burned those people to death? We have reason to remain watchful when democrats, especially, are in power. This is not the first and only time that members of the leftist cadre have written up materials warning soldiers to watch out for evangelical, Bible believing Americans. Didn't this happen at West Point recently? Didn't that lesbian in charge of DHS sign off on a booklet warning on the dangers of conservative Christians and returning soldiers? You are trying to make it sound as if this one lone person made this mistake all by his lonesome. This is a growing viewpoint among godless leftists, however.
Do spiritual warfare first. I have read that the O administration may be purposefully sticking their fingers in our eyes to try to provoke us to a rebellion, at which point they will be justified in all manner of evil against us all. Do nothing without the Lord's leading.
'comeuppance' is usually spelled 'lake of fire' in my 'things to hope for' list. Obama is number one on that list.
Hugh, I thought this 'interview not debate' was fascinating! and cannot wait to read more of your articles and transcripts.
BTW, 'conservative' Judaism was invented by the Sabbatians, Frankists, and Illuminati Satanists to 'conserve' and retain the ritual, while totally chucking belief in God and obedience to the Torah. It is Judaism with no belief in the God of Israel. The goal was to eradicate true Judaism. So it is not as if M.O. just hates Christianity, he also has an axe to grind against the God of his fathers. Sorry to get personal, but bonesmen owe their fealty to something much darker from what I have read.
While I am on the subject, how often do 'bad calls' happen in football? And what is the accepted norm for the opposing teams when this happens? Are they expected to accept the referees opinion, respectfully, knowing that sometimes it is for them, and sometimes against them? Is that what sportsmanship dictates? I expect bad and good calls do happen, but how often? i expect all teams get each. It seemed grossly unfair that M.O. even came up with this as an issue, like he thought it was so clever of him, trying to hoist the Christians on their own petard. Take THAT away from him, and you win this hands down.
PS: I am not a football fan and do not watch this sport, but if there is some major problem of referees not seeing what happened, that is a problem with the referees. It would seem the issues are pretty cut and dried, the lines are clearly marked, dropped footballs are visible, 'unnecessary roughness' has to be pretty obvious. So it seemed to me that MO's whole 'shouldn't they tell on themselves' issue was a giant RED HERRING, designed to assume this happens all the time and Christian athletes are letting it slide in order to win. I question that assumption. I wished, Hugh, that you had called him on that. Is this a real problem in football: Refs who make stupid calls? Then that should have been addressed, since it is the REFS job.
I read the transcript, and feel Oppenheimer looked for a weapon to use against the belief of Christian athletes and coaches that they are doing t heir best to honor Christ in this sport. This is ALWAYS the goal of those who go after Christians. Referees are hired, trained, and paid to call the results of the plays. Just as it is unsportsmanlike for players or coaches to complain when the call goes against them, it would be foolish of them to do the refs job and 'tell on themselves.' It is not in the rules that players must tell on themselves, so how can MO insist that they should? The game would descend into chaos and silliness if they did so.
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A Petty Decision by Obama

Christine241 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 8:40 AM
Everything Obama does seems designed to stick his dirty demonic thumb in the eye of decent people. Every headline of what he is doing is an assault. He seems to be relishing that he 'won' and can do whatever the he** he wants and no one can stop him. He is truly the vilest piece of garbage to ever walk in the halls of power in this nation. He is demon possessed and evil to the core.
You are so right. Obama always sounds like a robot with a canned speech even when he is lauded as this time for 'expressing emotion.' What emotion? The governor, the priest, the sheriff, all of these showed real emotion even in the movement of eyebrows and cheek muscles. Obama's face moves only to get the mouth open, and the lips moving. He NEVER changes expression except when you see him celebrating his own greatness, or being smug because he 'won.'
7. tasers for the teacher which he/she has been trained to use to take down such a shooter the minute he walks through the classroom door.
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