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I am sure they will allow gas and diesel powered vehicles for the 'elite' as well by the time 2040 comes around. Only the peons will walk.
Apparently the 'black male sucker punch' as Trayvon landed on Zimmerman without warning, is typical. The black male then decks the person to the ground if that sucker punch didn't already get them there, where the head is stomped on, banged into concrete, or kicked until the white victim is either unconscious or dead. If you search for the term 'black male sucker punch' you may find yourself at websites listing the number of these assaults, on white men, white women, old white women, and old white men, retarded white women, retarded or wheelchair bound handicapped white men, which have taken place in the last couple of decades. The motivation is pure racism, and these acts are done in an extreme state of anti-white racist hatred. I have just spent a couple eof hours catching up on these unreported, or at least under reported, black on white racist beat down incidents, many of which were fatal or left the white victim with lasting physical damage. Reading about these incidents placed Trayvon's act in context. It was deliberate, vicious, and the object was to harm and or kill Zimmerman. We don't understand the context of the original, cowardly sucker punch thrown by Trayvon because we don't have enough information to realize that this is the black male thug style. It is designed to catch the white person off guard, without warning, and severely harm or kill them. Whites believe the 'sucker punch' is cowardly, and therefore never expect to see it coming, as it is obvious that George did not.
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A Shameful Day for President Obama

Christine241 Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 8:06 AM
We protect ourselves and our children with guns, Obama. Why is that so hard for this moron to understand? Oh, because he doesn't want us to protect ourselves. That is why he has turned his copy of the constitution into his personal *ss wipe. He wants to be able to run us down and roll over us. This is why he is angry when we resist him, and when his Dems resist him: he wants us weak and helpless. He proves this every day with his executive orders, and with that ugly pout he is doing all the time now with his mouth. What is that look about? I despise him.
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Why Don Opposes Capital Rape

Christine241 Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 7:54 AM
How often are sexual crimes, such as rape or pedophilia, covered up by the murder of the victim of the rape? How often do rapists move on to murder of the victim? How often does the violent act of rape express the murderous desires of the rapist to do violence to the victim? How often is it that the rapist is excited by hurting, and even killing, his victim? I have heard it said over and over that rape is not a crime of passion, but of hatred for women, and the desire to hurt, damage, have control over, and eventually murder them. You, sir, are writing of this as though this guy just likes a little rough sex with an unwilling stranger. I believe the Bible assigns the death penalty for rape.
There are some in the ranks who are satanists (remember Michael Aquino?), and join up for reasons not related to preserving our liberties. It happens. The Texas based jihadists was not a private, but a Captain or something, wasn't he? How did THAT happen? Sometimes these people are promoted and gain power over others. It happens. I too have had a picture of the American volunteer soldier and his love for mom, apple pie, and our freedoms. I had no idea that there are Wiccan and Satanist churches opening their doors among our soldiers.
Was anyone wearing tinfoil when our government surrounded the Branch Davidians home, shooting through the front door? When they burned those people to death? We have reason to remain watchful when democrats, especially, are in power. This is not the first and only time that members of the leftist cadre have written up materials warning soldiers to watch out for evangelical, Bible believing Americans. Didn't this happen at West Point recently? Didn't that lesbian in charge of DHS sign off on a booklet warning on the dangers of conservative Christians and returning soldiers? You are trying to make it sound as if this one lone person made this mistake all by his lonesome. This is a growing viewpoint among godless leftists, however.
Do spiritual warfare first. I have read that the O administration may be purposefully sticking their fingers in our eyes to try to provoke us to a rebellion, at which point they will be justified in all manner of evil against us all. Do nothing without the Lord's leading.
'comeuppance' is usually spelled 'lake of fire' in my 'things to hope for' list. Obama is number one on that list.
Hugh, I thought this 'interview not debate' was fascinating! and cannot wait to read more of your articles and transcripts.
BTW, 'conservative' Judaism was invented by the Sabbatians, Frankists, and Illuminati Satanists to 'conserve' and retain the ritual, while totally chucking belief in God and obedience to the Torah. It is Judaism with no belief in the God of Israel. The goal was to eradicate true Judaism. So it is not as if M.O. just hates Christianity, he also has an axe to grind against the God of his fathers. Sorry to get personal, but bonesmen owe their fealty to something much darker from what I have read.
While I am on the subject, how often do 'bad calls' happen in football? And what is the accepted norm for the opposing teams when this happens? Are they expected to accept the referees opinion, respectfully, knowing that sometimes it is for them, and sometimes against them? Is that what sportsmanship dictates? I expect bad and good calls do happen, but how often? i expect all teams get each. It seemed grossly unfair that M.O. even came up with this as an issue, like he thought it was so clever of him, trying to hoist the Christians on their own petard. Take THAT away from him, and you win this hands down.
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