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mshandy is incoherent and her grammar and style are atrocious. It seems that the average leftist has an inability to form a stream of thought or a complete sentence without errors. There reasoning ability is paralyzed or nonexistent, which is why they are leftists. They will believe anything as long as it contains rebellion against tradition or common sense.
Your handle seems apt. Is it short for 'flatulence'? That would be fitting.
There are fences around the Palestinian areas because the Palestinians are determined to kill Israeli Jews. The fences keep out the stupid young men and women wearing the suicide bomb vests full of explosives and nails. There would be no fences if the Arab Muslims were willing to live in peace. As long as Hamas and Hezbollah say their goal is to wipe out all Israelis then they must be kept fenced off. The God of Israel only destroyed Pharoah and his army when they chased the escaping Hebrews across the floor of the Red Sea, and He will only wipe out every living jihadist when they surround Israel to destroy it. He will destroy Islam to the last unrepentent man in order to spare the rest of the world, so the move which brings about their eyeballs melting in their heads where they stand is theirs, and it comes because of their hatred of the Children of the God of Israel,. both Hebrews and Christians alike. If there were no suicide bomb vests, if there were no Jihad, there would be no fences between the Palestinian and the Jewish areas.
Agreed. She looks like a bird of prey with wings. A professor of religion who despises religion. At least the Christian religion.
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Must-see TV: The Obama Workout Video

Christine241 Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 8:32 AM
Have we not been told many times that the Obamas work with a 'personal trainer'? If so, Obama was NOT being trained to lift weights properly when he was with his 'body man' or whatever the guy was called. Obama is a pansy and his wife is an amazon? This 'exercise routine' is pathetic.
Perhaps this POS should honor the ten commandments, particularly the one that states 'Thou shalt not kill' if he wants murders to be rare.
Really, since the smell of feces has to be pretty common in homosexual sodomy. They claim God made them that way, but everything God designed is suited to its purpose. The anus is not able to withstand the friction of sex, and tears and breaks down over time, allowing diseases to enter the bloodstream, and middle aged homosexuals to be subjected to wearing diapers. No, God didn't design them that way, because everything he created is designed to hold up under its purposes..
So she spent 635 million bucks on a website that she never expected anyone to use? And Obama knew nothing of this? What is he doing, lying in the residence sucking his thumb every day, while pretending that nothing is his responsibility and never his fault?
No one needs to spend time to convince you here. He said he didn't want to see Clooney because of his politics. You make your own choice. He doesn't need to explain.
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