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Call the fools. Ring their phones off the hooks. 202-224-3121 Called all 8 Mike Lee one of them to say "thanks for voting no." I called Boehners office to inquire of he read the 150 page bill before he compromised with the prex
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Obama's Layoff Bomb

Christine102 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 12:36 AM
let's look at O's fp, starting as a muslim student in a madrisa in Indonesia... His experience in pakistan with his former ss (samesex) lover
Yes we need to get rid of the Unions and the free lunch program throws tons of food in the garbage every day in ever classroom, every district in the USA. It is based on the asumption that we have starving children in America. The huge proportions, the food choices. No preschoolers do not eat lettuce salad with french dressing.
yes leeanthony and my dog makes that much for pouncing on my key board every now and then.
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