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'We Don't Live in That World Anymore'

christiancon Wrote: Jul 05, 2013 11:02 AM
No Jonah we don't live in that world anymore- we do live in a world where a woman can come out and say hey its a woman's reproductive right to murder a 20 week- to 26 week infant in the womb when desired. We do live in a world where facts in a case are trumped by skin color thereby inverted MLK's statement of a colorblind society. We do live in a world where telling the populace they will be able to view and read a bill online before voting on it is denied in the need to pass it before we find out whats in it. We do live in a world where a justice department can obfuscate, lie, plead the 5th and sink into an Orwellian hole of complete immunity doing what Nixon couldn't dream about. Yea Jonah its a brave new world.