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The Real George McGovern

christiancon Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 11:18 PM
..GWB had better grades and more his degree was significant. Obama is a community organizing street agitator . The bottom line is myth has always pervaded these discussions. I was around for the 72 election and McGovern (God rest his soul) was certifiable.
Harold15 Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 5:44 AM
I actually voted for McGovern in 72, the first presidential election I ever voted in. I didn't like him and only voted for him because, at the time, I was a Democrat and felt obligated to vote for him for that reason. What I hated most about him was that he apparently didn't care about our country's defense. I read an article just before the election that he said he did not believe this country needed a military of any kind and that if elected he would cut our military in half. But, still, because I was a Democrat I voted for him. When he lost, I cheered. I never voted for another Democrat again, even though I remained one until 78.
"GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME so vast and impersonal," the presidential challenger asserted, "that its interests diverge more and more from the interests of ordinary citizens. For a generation and more, the government has sought to meet our needs by multiplying its bureaucracy. Washington has taken too much in taxes from Main Street, and Main Street has received too little in return. It is not necessary to centralize power in order to solve our problems."

Was that Ronald Reagan in 1980, evangelizing for smaller, less-intrusive government as he campaigned against Jimmy Carter? Was it Barry Goldwater, echoing a theme from The Conscience...