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The Left's Thought Tyranny and the Right's Cowardice

christiancon Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 7:30 AM
Excellent article David. Conservative giving in is more the issue in my view. The left is loony and has always been so- and is beyond a doubt going over the edge. The right is RINOed out. Rove, Preibus, and the GOP insiders are destroying any vestige of a party that used to yell "Stop the madness". Now its hey okay- but lets go a little slower. The fact is the GOP is becoming more irrelevant daily.

A couple of recent news items illustrate the close-mindedness, aggressiveness and oppressiveness of modern liberalism's thought police.

MSNBC's Toure issued a scathing commentary against the GOP for considering outreach efforts toward African-Americans. Toure said: "Such is the dysfunctional, abusive relationship the GOP insists on with black folks. They say they want a new relationship while continuing to try to screw us over."

Toure went on to lambaste Dr. Ben Carson, a black person, for daring to stray from leftist ideas and endorsing conservative ones, such as a flat tax. Carson has "intellectual tumors in his mind, like a flat tax, which...