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Romney Ad Destroys Obama's "Revenge" Comment

christiancon Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 10:24 AM the lowest form of human traits. This is all the dems have in their arsenal. --When I speak to liberals these days- they invariably are ignorant about economics, foreign policy and tax policy as well as many other issues- but they ALWAYS have pithy little sayings to spout as they strut about like a a rabid animal- pi-sed and blind and panicked about it all.

Excellent work by Team Romney and the candidate himself for quickly seizing upon a particularly sleazy remark from the president and turning it to their advantage.  Here's their new television ad, which perfectly encapsulates the tone of each campaign in the final days:

Jonah Goldberg asks an interesting question: "Revenge" for what?  Obama's the incumbent:

If you watch the clip itself, it’s not clear at all what Obama’s...