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'Cooling Out' the Voters

Mainstream_American Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 9:48 AM
I will never forget when Jay Carney said, "Hey, these people knew it might be dangerous over there. They knew what they were signing up for." Translation: "Those lost lives are really not that big a loss. They're not nearly as important as re-electing Obama." Our diplomats and soldiers aren't dumb. They knew what they were signing up for; they just didn't know their commander-in-chief would abandon them and let them be killed without a fight.
Confidence men know that their victim -- "the mark" as he has been called -- is eventually going to realize that he has been cheated. But it makes a big difference whether he realizes it immediately, and goes to the police, or realizes it after the confidence man is long gone.

So part of the confidence racket is creating a period of uncertainty, during which the victim is not yet sure of what is happening. This delaying process has been called "cooling out the mark."

The same principle applies in politics. When the accusations that led to the impeachment...