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Double Barrel Biden, Rape Whistle Salazar and My AR-15 Giveaway

Chris from Kalifornia Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 11:12 PM
A few years ago California of all places passed a law that said that if a burglar was in your house it was prima facia evidence that he intended to commit bodily harm and that you were within your rights to shoot him. I don't know if that law is still on the books but I'm still astonished that any place as liberal as most of the populace appear to be would pass such a remarkably sensible law in the first place.

Boy, the anti-gun goobers were out in full force this past week giving us plebeians the down low on what we “need” to protect ourselves during everything from home invasions to rape situations. It was like listening to Obama talk about economics or Roseanne Barr gloss smoothly on the importance of Southern etiquette in marital conflicts.

I heard so much horse scat coming from the left last week regarding self-defense that I am now befuddled as to whom I should give my “Are You Blanking Kidding Me” award to. Damn you, tyranny of many options. Damn you!

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