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Liar Liar Pants on fire Nose as long as a telephone wire. Obama has told the truth three times to my knowledge. Once when he admitted to being a Muslim during an interview, an accidental admission to be sure. Once again when he said our energy costs would necessarily skyrocket under his administration - gas averaged $1.74 a gallon when he took office. Look at it now. And the third time when he said the constitution got in his way. Look how many times he's violated his oath of office.
I don't mind being a sheep, as long as I can keep my teeth.
My question is, why isn't there 80 million members in the NRA???
Oh? Sure it is. All it takes is for a liberal to get mugged to teach them the error of their ways.
Sell your cloak and buy a sword. Forgot the exact verse but it's in the book of Luke.
The ones you've listed as being in violation of the 2nd amendment is woefully short of it's actual violators. There are NO legal gun laws in the united states. Also notice that it doesn't say "guns" it says "arms". Arms are any weapon, knives, guns, brass knuckles, swords, flails, bows/arrows, both long and cross, anything up to and including shoulder mount anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles are arms that are covered by the second amendment. If you can carry it and it's a weapon, it's your right to buy and carry it whenever and wherever you want as long as it isn't onto someone else's property without permission.
I tried to share the picture above about Schindler's List on my face book page and they blocked it.
Turn about is fair play right? I see no reason to support businesses whose owners oppose my political views (which they've forced me into expressing). They've made everything political so I say we beat them at their own game. Put businesses owned by liberal/progressives out of business. Support the business owners who agree with you just as the L/P's are doing. Put "Political Capitalism" into place and support the ideas you like just as you would any other product. "Political Capitalism", It's not just for liberals.
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