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I fail to see the reason why he thinks he's being insulted. He should be happy for the attention. He's such a dufus that anything you can say about him is a compliment. No words are bad enough to actually BE an insult. If it wasn't for the people he's hurting and will continue to hurt I'd say ignore him. Don't know what he thinks he can do to hollywood but suppose he did do something stupid like launch a ballistic missile at HW, if it landed we'd all be much better off. Oops. Did I just make a funny about Hollywood? I DID I DID!!! Hehehehe. and then we send in a drone and blow him up. In all seriousness he's such a puffed up meathead with delusions of adequacy that he needs taken down a bunch of notches. So go ahead Hollywood, anger the little man and see what he does to you. So there.
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Obama Gets GDP Bassackward

Chris from Kalifornia Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 7:51 AM
"It turns out that the new New Deal, is pretty much the old New Deal." Reminds me of the line in the song by "The Who", "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." Some of us won't get fooled again but the greater majority are just going to do the same old stupid stuff and elect the same old, er sorry, new boss. The rest of us are going to be dragged down with the masses since it's virtually impossible for us to make our way without entanglements with the idiots on the left. The "IOTL" includes all the RINO's in the republican establishment who got another conservative defeated to elect a senile old school republican to run against the democrat party line. He's so senile that he can no longer discern that there is a line let alone not cross it.
Send in Seal Team 6 and all the other teams too. All at once and get them out of that barbarous place.
I like to imagine what John Wayne would have said about the current crop of cr*p that the Hollywood wonks put out. Gary comes close. I hope he hasn't committed movie suicide. Maybe he'll set an example so others who've been hiding their light under a bushel can come out in the open and make patriotism popular again. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
So how is this any surprise? Obama told us the truth this time. He said energy costs would necessarily rise under his plan.
So our only recourse when we get lousy service would be to simply not pay. And the person who gives good service anyway, because they have pride in themselves and in doing a good job gets what? Nothing except that pride that they did do a good job. Will it be illegal to tip anyway? What will happen in the long run is that fewer people will eat out due to the higher listed prices and so fewer jobs will be available and perhaps with enough customer complaints a person can be let go for poor performance? Not likely. They'll sue the customers if they get fired for poor performance. Once that happens that will be the end of that restaurant. Word will get around that it's dangerous to eat there and poof, no jobs available from a company that is no longer viable.
Amy, you posted it. That means you talked about it. I talked about it too because I was quoting you. You said you didn't mention him and you did. Simple fact.
Regardless of disagreements between posters here, wouldn't it be a good idea if we all got busy and prayed to God for him to extend his mercy on Miriem and her family. I don't know why he is allowing this but then I'm not God. I'm just another fallible person who can't possibly understand everything from God's point of view. If it is needed that she set a good example by becoming a martyr then so be it. She will be in heaven all the sooner. That doesn't mean I won't be upset or angry and the people who chose to make her a martyr but perhaps her example can help others to see the light and overthrow this despicable theocracy.
So perhaps she is having difficulty suffering fools gladly today. It's not always easy and I've researched some of the stuff she's posted and I can't think of any time she hasn't been right if she said something was so or wasn't so. The other person in the argument contradicted herself twice just in these postings alone.
And Amy never once mentioned Miriem's family agitating for her prosecution. I know this is true because she said so in her post of 3:39 pm. Sheesh. Amy, CNN is known as the communist news network for good reason. Same as the other nicknames such as comedy news network. Because they bear the same resemblence to truth as the old Soviet newspaper "Pravda" and because their stories are laughable at best.
Even if he did they would just laugh at him.
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