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Star, Where in the constitution does it say that the government has any right or authority to take property or money from one taxpayer and give it to another because the second one doesn't have enough? It doesn't. The tenth amendment says it CAN'T if it isn't specifically authorized to do so by the constitution. We need to get back to following the constitution TO THE LETTER! Abolish ALL the unconstitutional programs and agencies, hud, DOEnergy and DOEducation and NSA and federal welfare, social security (yes I'd be giving up mine too) and all the other agencies and programs. Reduce the federal income tax to about 3% and see just how much the economy would boom.
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Boycott Burger King?

Chris from Kalifornia Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 12:48 PM
I'm not going to boycott BK simply because I agree with their corporate choice. But it won't matter since I stopped eating there ages ago. Used to be, you got a good tasting burger and fries there, just like you used to be able to do from Mcdonald's. But I started going to BK because Mac's had already gone to (can't say that word, not the s word, the c word. Has an r and an a and p in it. What's wrong with that word?) I haven't found a decent tasting burger or fries in a fast food place in decades. I want to know what they've done to the meat. There's no taste. Same with the fries. They're limp as noodles and quite tasteless. I have to make my own stuff if I want something good to eat. Same thing applies to KFC. Used to be good, now they suck. I think it's the envirowhackos fault. Lower cooking temps and no lard for the fries. Soy filled "meat" in the burgers, GMO tomatos and onions. Blech! A POX on them all.
Obviously NEITHER ONE of you have read the book about how the fair tax is supposed to work. To Charles. People pay the tax when they buy a commodity. To Earl29 you didn't know or think about the "prebate". A government agency who is supposed to figure out how much you need to buy in order to live, groceries, utilities etc, and send you a "prebate" check each month to pay them with.
And every one of your workers is NOT an illegal alien and it probably happy to have the job.
I bought and read the "Flat Tax" book. The only problem I see is the prebate. That will start out as a simple easy to understand set of rules and in 50 years it will be as bad as the IRS laws/rules are now. Flat tax with NO prebate. Yes, prebate No.
Used to be you had to be a landowner to vote. That went away. So did the integrity of the country. We've been going downhill ever since.
We should have known this sort of thing was going to happen. As soon as EH got installed he threw out the voter intimidation against the black panthers even though they already had a guilty verdict.
The obvious answer to that problem is to use the Patrol car and push the disabled car off the road.
Let me see if I've got this straight in my mind. The PD wanted to hire people to do a given job, correct? They determined that the candidates needed a certain level of physical ability to be able to adequately do that job, again correct??? Finally, they give the test to anyone who applies to the job and passes ANYONE who has the ability to pass the test, right? Obviously they are discriminating against old, fat guys like me. Or not. If a person can't do the job, for whatever reason, they should not be hired to do that job. To be a policeman or fireman you NEED to be capable of certain physical activities. To accept lesser standards for some is simply a good way to endanger that person's team mates unnecessarily or to make the job harder or even impossible.
What an opportunity for gerrymandering. Bleh!
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