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The tax rules are so complicated you cannot help but violate some part of them.
I'm tempted to re-register as a democrat just so I can vote against the most likely to win candidate. In CA they've passed a law completely eliminating any chance of a republican being in the final vote. Only the two top candidates from all the parties (per number of votes in primary) get to be on the final ballot. Means 2 dems can be the only candidates for governor or other state office. Ridiculous.
Maybe, just maybe, there will be enough of us to overturn the bus.
Abolish the fed and retire and send to trial all the progressives who have violated their oaths of office. Especially the presidents who have done so. Clinton, the bushes, Obama, Carter. They all deserve to be stripped of their retirements and mostly thrown in jail for the damage they've done to the country. In order of least harmful to most I'd rate them Bush 1, Bush 2, Clinton, Carter, Obama worst of all.
Gee, I'm sorry the feminazies are so nasty. I'm sorry they are so closed minded. I'm sorry they have so little self confidence and self respect that they must deny their inner nature and try to emulate men. I'm also sorry they try their best to emasculate real men because they find it so intimidating to be women instead of celebrating their actual superiority, which they completely fail to see. I'm sorry they want equality with men when their actual status should be so much better. They have so many privileges they fail to notice in their rants that they are stunted mentally and could be so much more, if only they didn't hate themselves.
You can build a gun out of a spool of wire, a tube, some capacitors and batteries. Look up "Coil Gun" on you tube.
Yep. Perpetuated the biggest hoax around. Puts Algore to shame.
We need to work on it. Education is the key, elimination from public office is a good goal. Raise honorable children.
I would hope you WOULD be dangerous, but only to bad guys. :-)
Perhaps we can put together an ad that points out how unsafe children are in "gun free zones". A simple ad, easy to understand. Something like a list of mass killings and the GF zone designation next to it. 30 seconds. Done, cheap, should be effective.
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