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That seems to apply to most of the republican leadership too. Why else would they be doing everything they can to defeat conservative candidates?
God will certainly punish them for their sins.
Why wouldn't you believe they are that stupid. They keep voting for McConnell don't they?
Throw them both in jail and throw away the key.
Agree. I haven't trusted police in a long long time. I know several personally and they are not my friends. The ones I know privately as acquaintances not as LEO's are arrogant, braggadocios, and bullies. Consequently, when ever I'm stopped by any LEO I am exceedingly polite and do NOTHING that could be construed as aggressive.
So Mr. President of the racist NAACP Benjamin Jealous WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GIVE YOUR MONEY TO SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T WANT IT??? Yes, you are the president of a racist organization. How about changing it to National Association for the advancement of People, not just colored people??? What isn't racist about specifying coloreds that wasn't racist when they had colored restrooms and colored sections in restaurants or no coloreds allowed? What is the difference??? How would you feel about a National Association for the Advancement of White People? Or Yellow People Or Brown People (they have La Raza, by the way). How about it? Why would you want to spend your money on a business owner who doesn't want your money? Spend it at a business that says money is money no matter what color hands it to them?
And this all happened when there were many people who needed help but no, the idiot in charge didn't care about that. All he cared about was his power. And What about those who went around doing his dirty work. Were they to immoral to realize they should have been helping people instead of hurting people who had done nothing wrong?
Actually I think you have to be brain dead to be a communist or socialist or anything except a capitalist. It takes brains to survive no matter which government structure you live under but you don't have to BE part of that structure. The black marketeers in the USSR were capitalists for sure.
It shouldn't matter whether or not they accept public funds or not. A privately owned company, whether stocks or single proprietorship, or family owned can decide who has money they want. If they want your money, they will provide a service or product you want and they will try to enhance the atmosphere of their "store" to entice you to spend money with them. If they don't want your money (and how is that possibly good business sense?) they should be free to tell you to go away. How many stores discriminate against people who can't afford shoes? or a shirt? Perhaps that person was just given some money and needs to buy food, should they have to buy shoes and starve?
Ah shucks. I don't even know where a Kroger is located. Don't think there's any nearby (within 100 miles?). Like Chick-Fil-Ay (spelling?) I would support them but doesn't seem possible right now.
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