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Can someone please get her in to see a neurologist? Her and Harry Reid both sound like they've got advanced dementia and should be under supervision of an adult, even perhaps in a home.
"The economy still sucks despite unprecedented liberal spending." No John, it still sucks because of their unprecedented spending. Just like in 1930, all the government spending makes it worse and prolongs the agony.
All this reminds me of a customer WAY back when I was a paperboy for the (defunct) Herald Examiner newspaper. One of my customers was from Wales and he complained vociferously that his country had been occupied by foreign invaders for the longest of any country in the world.
Oh drat. I need an edit function. that line should have read "...more like "nude" than the...".
Wait WHAT??? I thought women all burned their bras years and years ago. (sarcasm off now) Just another example of liberal/socialists sleight of hand to keep people focused on the wrong things. On the other hand, how stupid is it to use "nude" for a color anyway? Plus, wouldn't transparent look more like "nude" and the light tan color they use it for? Hey, they could use "sky" for anything from light blue to dark gray. (hmm. I guess my sarcasm off switch is broken).
Good sarcasm.
So read them in the evening. Better yet, get a job where this attitude fits in better. BTW, instead of saying "how far this country has strayed..." say "how far this country has fallen...".
Another thought, "Salazar" is a Spanish/Mexican name right? Does anyone know if this particular Salazar is a member of "La Raza"?
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