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Sounds like you are familiar with the hymn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wODZDmBimiM
Yep they're going at it again...
Like the weather man??? Sorry, weather person??? on TV? Even the NOAA can't predict the weather accurately more than a few days in advance. There are to many variables, many of which NO ONE is measuring. Is anyone measuring the amount of heat actually being radiated by the Earth? How about the percentage of heat that is reflected from the atmosphere or oceans and goes back into space without being absorbed? Has anyone done any experiments to measure the actual transparency of the atmosphere to the infrared radiation that all warm bodies, animate or inanimate emit if they are above absolute zero? No? I thought not. How are you going to tell what the atmosphere temperature is going to be if you don't measure those things and I'm sure there are a lot of other things. I'm no scientist so if I can think of those things there have to be other factors no one has taken into account. Without knowing ALL the factors involved, it's impossible to make a prediction that will be accurate and even then it's only as accurate as the percentage of error in your measurements allows. Those errors grow as the time predicted lengthens. So even if you measure everything your predictions will still be bunk after a reasonable amount of time, be that days, like the weather predictors, or longer, like the "climatologists". Can't be done.
Trufare I suppose you vote democrat too. You've bought into the lies and hype foisted on us by liberals whose only interest in us regular folks is to skin us and grow their power and wealth. You quote an interesting statistic. 95%. Where dis you get that number? thin air? Please post your reference material or site so we can be enlightened like you are... LOL
"The World Bank" says stuff that is bunk. I don't think we can bank on what they say. I also think that if they are busy spouting off nonsense about the climate then what about nonsense on other topics, like for instance, banking?
I live in Southern California's "high" desert near Mojave. We have several solarvoltaic farms and there is NOTHING growing under or around the solar arrays. I'm wondering what they put down in the way of chemicals to keep the ground that dead. Every square foot of area inside their fence is completely bare. That's also a major source of dust in the air which counts as a pollutant in the Air Quality Index. Unless of course, they've put some chemicals down to suppress the dust. I'm also wondering if any of those hypothetical chemicals have migrated out of their chain link fenced off areas to pollute the formerly pristine desert around them.
When I first bought a laptop with a camera facing me I simply taped a piece of heavy construction paper over the camera. It's fairly opaque. No microphone so poop on the spies and their stupid spying. It's not like they don't know my opinions anyway. Take my word for it, I'm very opinionated and I say them out loud and I type them online. I am not a friend of the liberal viewpoint.
I think Obama and his ilk don't care one whit about the people in the military not even in their possible illegal use in country if he feels like it.
What would you do to fight for your country?
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