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Surviving the Government Super Storm

Chris from Kalifornia Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 7:48 AM
What the country needs is a return to the constitution as written and intended by the founders of this country. This is far worse than the restrictions placed on the colonists by King George III. Obama and his ilk don't even like and don't follow the constitution and I include the republican leadership in that ilk. They only want to control everyone. Time to dump the current parties and go with a constitution based party.
Dr_Zinj Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 8:16 AM
What this country needs is to wipe away ALL laws from the local community all the way up through the Constitution. Keep the Constitution as written. All new laws must prohibit the conditions listed in the Declaration of Independence, conform strictly to the Constitution, and reflect the 10 Commandments.
The absolute limit on the number of total laws must not exceed what the majority of people can remember.
Dr_Zinj Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 8:18 AM
By prohibit the conditions listed in the Declaration of Independence, I mean the list of injustices committed by King George and England as a whole; NOT the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!
bbtruth Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 11:11 AM
Ten commandments? That isn't the proper roll of government.

There's a super storm raging over our economy that's been seeded and fueled by the federal government over a period of the past several decades. And it's literally costing the country trillions of dollars in GDP per year.
It’s not merely garden-variety government waste that's the problem either. It's monumental stupidity by the government, combined with venial cupidity by voters who think they can get others to pay for their free lunch.

This government-created storm has, more than any other factor, contributed to the fiscal crisis; a crisis that is creating more expansive government programs, robbing us of more GDP, thus ensuring...

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