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GOP Bullied into a Tax Hike by President Obama and Senator Reid?

Chris from Kalifornia Wrote: May 13, 2012 11:30 AM
Make sure it's a full sized concrete block and use one on both sides at the same time. on the other hand they need to do that to John Boehner too. He's so spineless that the dems can bully him into anything. We'd have a balanced budget already if he hadn't caved to the debt ceiling increase last year.

Last year, as part of the fight over the debt limit, Congress created a “super-committee” that was designed to produce at least $1.2 trillion of “deficit reduction.”

The statists saw this super-committee as a vehicle to seduce Republicans into a tax hike. They knew that some GOPers are perpetually gullible and would be susceptible to the siren song of a “balanced approach” – even though that inevitably means higher taxes and never-fulfilled promises of future spending restraint.

But they also had a back-up plan....

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