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I stopped using credit about 10 years or so ago. If I need something I buy it. If I don't have enough to buy it, I save for awhile. However, I'm making an exception and buying a house on credit. I'm planning on making extra payments of principle on top of the regular payments as often as I can. So while I'm getting a 30 year loan, it should be paid off in about 15 years.
That would get rid of all the progressives. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
We could pray that God finds a way to convince him not to run again. Maybe a meteor strike? Lightning?
As a person moving to Arizona I will do everything I can for my new state. I will not do it to help the RINO McLame. He should have been gone a long time ago. I'll find a true conservative and spend my money and time and effort to help get that person elected instead. It's time to get rid of ALL the RINO's in the republican party. They might as well be democrats for all the good they do.
That's congressional privilege.
I often wondered why Clinton claimed to be the first black president. From his point of view I guess it makes sense. Not to me though. To me he's just another philanderer of a politician. I'm sure he will burn for his sins. As will ALL progressives.
I don't know or care how anyone throws a ball. Like skin color, it's irrelevant to the content of their character. Obama may look like a dork but it's not what's important. What's important is that he has no record to speak of except progressive radicalism.
So you admit they came out to vote for him because he's black? Isn't that the very definition of racism? Supporting someone because of their race?
Means you are a progressive troll. That he's calling you a liar, in a polite manner of course. But it is true, you have lied here a lot.
No, just a typo. Left out the "w" in "own". Hypocrite in that you call people things instead of refuting their arguments. You accuse others of stuff you are doing. (projection). You set up false arguments that don't make any sense (straw man). I'm to tired right now to point out more flaws but refusing to admit racism isn't the problem for the republicans when the democrats are the ones who use racist epithets is why you are a hypocrite.
Hey! I only married someone from my own race, human. I'm sure most all of us want to marry from our own race, the human race. You got to be a sicko to want to marry a dog or a cat or your car. Humans make much better spouses.
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