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I have a friend who intends to move to LV as soon as he divests himself of certain entanglements. When I asked him why he really couldn't say anything other than "I like it there". I asked how he could like the crowding, and congestion and the constant noise and hoopla. He just does. So He'll move there and I'll stay out in a small town at least a couple of hundred miles away and we'll both be happy. We don't see much of each other any more anyway. I like the openness and quiet of a small town and he likes to live in a rabbit warren. That's what LV looks like to me, a self imposed life in a rabbit warren with far to many rabbits running back and forth trying to convince themselves that they are having fun.
You can have custom t-shirts made up very inexpensively most places. You should go into business selling these and others.
"Denial", it's not just a river in Egypt. de·ni·al: [dih-nahy-uhl] noun 1. an assertion that something said, believed, alleged, etc., is false: Despite his denials, we knew he had taken the purse. The politician issued a denial of his opponent's charges. 2. refusal to believe a doctrine, theory, or the like. 3. disbelief in the existence or reality of a thing. 4. the refusal to satisfy a claim, request, desire, etc., or the refusal of a person making it. 5. refusal to recognize or acknowledge; a disowning or disavowal: the traitor's denial of his country; Peter's denial of Christ. Under number 4, it seems she's actually right. Hobby Lobby is refusing to satisfy her request/claim. But seeing as it's an unjust claim they are doing the right thing to deny it. She's denying that woman need to be self sufficient if single, and part of a team if married. Either way she should be taking care of her own health needs. Requiring any business to "give" healthcare to it's employees is involuntary servitude, same as slavery morally. Telling businesses they have to provide something that violates their Religious beliefs is even worse, and congress is forbidden to pass any laws respective of religion, which is what they, and she, are trying to force the owners of Hobby Lobby to do.
Wouldn't it be less expensive to just get her a free tubal ligation? Stress to her that it is "Free Birth Control" and she'll jump at the chance.
And since he is (sort of) secretly a Muslim they won't do anything for her they are not told specifically to do.
After the fiasco and massacre in the embassy of Benghazi I wouldn't trust my safety to an American embassy. She'll be safe once she's out of the pest hole of a country.
Ok, for us ignorant folks, what does "obama delenda est " mean?
I fail to see the reason why he thinks he's being insulted. He should be happy for the attention. He's such a dufus that anything you can say about him is a compliment. No words are bad enough to actually BE an insult. If it wasn't for the people he's hurting and will continue to hurt I'd say ignore him. Don't know what he thinks he can do to hollywood but suppose he did do something stupid like launch a ballistic missile at HW, if it landed we'd all be much better off. Oops. Did I just make a funny about Hollywood? I DID I DID!!! Hehehehe. and then we send in a drone and blow him up. In all seriousness he's such a puffed up meathead with delusions of adequacy that he needs taken down a bunch of notches. So go ahead Hollywood, anger the little man and see what he does to you. So there.
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