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Funny thing about that. God can be a giant spaghetti monster if he chooses to do so. He can do anything.
And that proves that PETA is wrong, doesn't it?
That the color is obnoxious is only an opinion. They like it. It's their house. If you don't like it, perhaps you should buy it and paint it a different color. Or offer to pay for a repaint. Or move. How is it your problem at all? Maybe they could buy your house and you could move to a more conservative area. Maybe someone else will like the color and buy your house and paint it to match. That it devalues neighbors houses is nonsense if the prospective buyers are halfway intelligent. Why should anyone who isn't living in the house care what color it is?
I need an edit button: the sentence in the last paragraph "What could be more living than that?" should be "What could be more loving than that?"
There are actually 2 types of atheists. Capital "A" and lower case "a" atheists. Capital "A" atheists are the ones always raising Cain (so to speak). The lower case atheists, of which I was one till about a year and and half ago, simple don't say anything about it. For instance, when saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag I simply remained quiet while others said "under God". I think the capital "A" atheists are not so sure and actually do believe but have had not believing pounded into them by parents or others. They are so afraid they are wrong that it frightens them half to death to see or be reminded of the God they profess not to believe in that they can't stand any sign of it. So they fight and rail against Christianity where ever and when ever. They can't help it. They know deep down inside that they are going to Hell and be cast into the lake of everlasting fire. I pray for them to see the same thing I saw, that God is real, that he loves us enough to send his son to die in our places (and thinking about it, it was a horrible and gruesome death) so that we might be saved, should we chose to be. God offers everyone the gift of grace and forgiveness of their sins. What could be more living than that? We certainly don't deserve it. We are all sinners, but God gives us that out. Even the most hard and fast doubters can see the light. Look at Nicodemous, Saul/Paul. They were doubters. Saul tortured and killed Christians till Jesus took him aside and explained it to him and he was saved from his sins. If Saul can be saved, anyone can be saved. Pray for our leaders, they certainly need it more than most.
Can someone please get her in to see a neurologist? Her and Harry Reid both sound like they've got advanced dementia and should be under supervision of an adult, even perhaps in a home.
"The economy still sucks despite unprecedented liberal spending." No John, it still sucks because of their unprecedented spending. Just like in 1930, all the government spending makes it worse and prolongs the agony.
All this reminds me of a customer WAY back when I was a paperboy for the (defunct) Herald Examiner newspaper. One of my customers was from Wales and he complained vociferously that his country had been occupied by foreign invaders for the longest of any country in the world.
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