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Yes they are evil. They try to go against God's plan. The Bible tells us to use the Earth and all it's animals and plants. We were given teeth that let us eat a wide variety of foods and our bodies require meat proteins. Actually we don't really require veggies. You can live quite nicely on a diet of nothing but meat. It's no accident that the word "meat" has the word "eat" in it.
Fertilized eggs taste better. Store bought eggs have very little flavor. Like GMO corn. no flavor.
For the first time ever, I find myself in agreement with the first lady. Animals are here for our use. Eggs are not people. They are FOOD for people. Animals are FOOD for people. People Eating Tasty Animals (PETA). Ask the other peta how many dogs they euthanized in the last 5 years...
Methanol is also just as poisonous as gasoline. Will kill you dead.
What a silly manipulation of the facts. Ethenal cannot be considered just on it's burning in an engine. You have to take all the production costs into account. By your logic we should all switch to diesel. Has the highest energy content of all the current fuels.
No one told that lie except you progressives. We all know that the government controls the oil market. It's a fact that the big oil companies have the lowest profit per dollar spent of any of the large companies. Their profits look big if you look at the base numbers. Yes, lots of dollars but the percentage is done in the single digits.
BTW, plants only exhale oxygen when sun shines on them. During the night they actually reverse the process and inhale oxygen and produce CO2.
If we follow the money, I suspect we would find that he benefits greatly from all of his schemes.
Any conversion of one product to another cannot produce more energy than it consumes. There is a factual feature of the universe called entropy that prevents it. It also makes perpetual motion machines impossible. Energy is lost as randomized heat at every step in the process. You cannot escape this fact. With all the money wasted on these schemes by you progressives we could have developed a huge number of actual SOURCES for energy instead of having to continue importing ever more from terrorist nations like those that make up OPEC.
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