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Hasn't there been legal enforcement of a right to freedom of association? That's something I don't understand about liberals, one of many things, they have no consideration that no one is trying to hurt THEM or restrict them, other than to prevent them from hurting or restricting others unjustly. I have a feeling the Mayor is an Atheist in the sense of other Atheist activists who are so afraid they are wrong, and know in their hearts they are wrong about the Bible, that they can't stand to see any sign or anything about Christianity that reminds them of their fear. They are right to fear. God has ordained that all sinners will be cast into the lake of fire unless they take Jesus into their hearts and worship him. BTW, I differentiate between "Atheists" (the haters) and "atheists" who don't believe and don't care. Unfortunately atheists will also go to the lake of fire if they don't change their hearts. Caring is what Christians are supposed to do. Also, it appalls me, the evil that has been done in the Lords name by people who are simply power hungry sinners like the Crusades, the witch burnings etc.
That makes way to much sense.
And I heard it as an "ex" "spert" as a "has been drip" who used to be under pressure. There's probably thousands of variations.
" Dear Michael, Well certainly their plans are evil and nefarious. But that doesn’t disallow them from being idiots too. I stand by my assessment. " They have to be idiots to have such stupid plans.
Their real theory is how to make money from idiots who crave power.
You might be right. All I want from Alec Baldwin is for him to keep his promise to leave America if Bush got elected. Like most, if not all, progressives, he doesn't keep his word.
Don't hate anybody. Even though there are plenty of possible reasons to hate people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama, they aren't good reasons. There's never a good reason to hate someone. I pray that they will see the light and turn away from their sinful ways. I don't expect them to but it's worth praying for them anyway. They seem to hate people like me who want only the best that can be had for everyone. I don't understand why they want so desperately to control other people's lives. So I pray that they have that epiphany that I had a couple of years ago, and realize that God and Jesus, and all their followers want them to be saved and come to Heaven instead of the place their evil deeds and thoughts are going to send them. I pity them. I don't want anyone to chose evil, that way leads to an eternity in Hell. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
I wish I could afford to move to Georgia. Sounds like a wonderful place full of wonderful ADULT people, not just grown up kids. Kennesaw passed their law mandating gun ownership the same approximate time as Morton Grove IL passed their law outlawing gun ownership. Crime rate dropped precipitously in Kennesaw and more than doubled in Morton Grove. Seems like Georgia is learning from that lesson. Washington, DC, Chicago, Detroit, have some of the strictest anti gun laws and they have the highest murder rates in the country. It's obvious that liberal progressives don't care about people's safety, all they care about is controlling people.
How much would you have to pay someone to fix burgers down at the local burger place if they got $20K for not working? How much would you have to pay for someone to bus tables at Denny's? If's for darned sure they aren't going to do it because it's fun... It's NOT! Now even if whatever you pay them is over and above the $20K annual guaranteed income, they still aren't going to do it for what they were getting before. If they got $7 an hour to bus tables they're going to want a lot more cause they are already being paid enough to not starve and that's why they would do it for that before. Now you actually have to pay them enough to enjoy what they can do with the money. Besides, You've got your own $20K a year, why would you go to the trouble of driving to someplace and doing stuff for people for barely any money now that you don't need to put up with all those headaches, paperwork, taxes, labor laws, insurance, costs of raw materials etc. How many people would even bother to plant crops or harvest those crops if they didn't have to? Who's going to bother to learn how to actually do anything they don't have to do? Who's going to come fix your broken or clogged toilet?
I have a friend who intends to move to LV as soon as he divests himself of certain entanglements. When I asked him why he really couldn't say anything other than "I like it there". I asked how he could like the crowding, and congestion and the constant noise and hoopla. He just does. So He'll move there and I'll stay out in a small town at least a couple of hundred miles away and we'll both be happy. We don't see much of each other any more anyway. I like the openness and quiet of a small town and he likes to live in a rabbit warren. That's what LV looks like to me, a self imposed life in a rabbit warren with far to many rabbits running back and forth trying to convince themselves that they are having fun.
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