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7 Things Every Moderate Muslim Should Believe

Chris from Kalifornia Wrote: Apr 27, 2013 8:37 AM
John it is obvious that you have not read the Koran. It tells muslims to lie to non muslims. It tells muslims to kill non muslims. It tells muslims they must eliminate non muslims. The bible does no such thing. In contrast we are not to bear false witness, we are not to murder and we are to love our enemy. We can defend ourselves but let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.
Vic156 Wrote: Apr 27, 2013 8:48 AM
I've studied that passage. It can only apply to people who have an idea of what is moral. The people to whom Jesus spoke knew the law. The law required that the man who committed adultery to be stoned as well. The woman was 'caught' in the act of adultery. Therefore the man she was with should have been standing with her.

Before 9/11, most Americans looked at Islam as no different than any of the world's other great religions. But since that terrible day, Americans have read countless stories about crazed riots over damaged Qurans, terrorists who've murdered people in the name of Allah and violent threats over Muhammad cartoons. Quite understandably, this has caused people to become considerably more wary of Islam.

Is that fair to all the good and decent Muslims out there? No, it isn't.

But, let's also stop ignoring the obvious fact that the Islamic faith has a large, radical and violent contingent that the...