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What I am saying, and you folks really do like to pick at gnats and miss the bigger picture, is that maybe instead of throwing in the towel on this battle and exponentially increasing our national heartache, that we change the tactics. Let's get rid of the "free to be you and me" generation and go back to extolling responsibility as a virtue. I am so tired of hearing "you have to love yourself first". Drug addicts put themselves first. Do you think that when drugs rule their lives that they really love themselves at that point? Let's teach people that how their lives intersect with other DOES matter. That it's not all about them. Then maybe we'll have much less of a drug and alcohol problem in this country.
Why don't we see headlines about how incredibly selfish drug users are? How their drug habits support terrorists who mutilate the genitals of young girls and conduct suicide bombings. Perhaps these people should be asked to stop and consider that our nation pays a high price for their addictions. Nobody makes these decisions in a vacuum, they have repercussions. Broken families and destroyed lives. People always want to kick open Pandora's box but the kickers never take any responsibility for the consequences. Maybe it's time that our nation shook of the whole Peter Pan thing and grew up.
We did indeed do away with prohibition. And it's been blue skies and fields of daisies ever since. No drunk driving deaths, no need for addiction centers and treatments, no ruined families, no lost productivity, no liver disease or homelessness. It's been awesome. You're right John, alcohol is a daily blessing to our nation. Think of the manifold blessings legalized drugs could bring? I can't wait to tell my 26 year old alcoholic nephew who is dying of liver failure how incredibly lucky he is to enjoy that freedom.
p.s. Charlie: I had lunch yesterday with all the Florida voters who will be swayed by your endorsement. He said to tell you "Hi".
Sorry Charlie!! It's why you're not governor anymore. Nobody trusts a traitor (think Judas Iscariot). You're a political leper and Barack Obama is welcome to you.
President Obama and his acolytes are the cheap hucksters of a counterfeit success. It is a success that is supposed to come without effort or sacrifice and it is a mockery of the noble character and spirit of innovation and industry that are our American heritage. As a people, as a nation, we are better than that. We deserve better than that. I hope for our future that we remember this in November.
I suppose that this is another area where Protestantism differs from Catholicism. Protestant theology stresses personal responsibility. Verses such as 1 Tim. 5:8 which state that fathers should take care of their own families and it's a wicked thing if they don't. Or Mal. 2:16 where it says that God hates divorce. Perhaps if we were to pay attention to these truths and return to these ethics, many of the governments social programs could be dramatically reduced or not needed at all.
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Reid Keeps Digging

Chris736 Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 7:03 PM
Everybody knows that the other end of the leash on rabid dog Reid rests in the Oval Office. This time it's the President who is getting bit though. To paraphrase an old saying: "It's better to keep your lies to yourself Harry and let everyone just think you're a pathological liar than to open your mouth and prove it. " Obama's close and powerful ally in the Senate is a liar and lunatic. Just another in a long list of reasons to doubt the President's judgement.
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