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Dissent on a One-Way Street

chris73 Wrote: Apr 04, 2014 6:24 AM
We no longer live in the America the founders fought for. Daily there are stories of intolerance of others opinions and beliefs. If you dare go against the radical left and in some instances the passive "so-called" right, you are ostracized, put in front of TV and publicly destroyed. Sadly, POTUS has made this his primary goal "destroy" the opposition for centralized power and we have given it to them on a silver platter. This small but important story to include the actions of the aristocrats in D.C. and countless others lets me know that we are no longer a Constitutional Republic. It will get worse before it gets any better!
And Americans reelected these clowns!
This is a great first step by the State of Georgia to actually defend the rights of law abiding citizens. Make no mistake, the heat and vitriol will come full blown in due time from the media and over abundance of useful idiots.
I'm getting really ticked off at the morons in charge in D.C. and at the state levels. How in dudes nation can the chief executive whose job is to enforce the laws blatantly say, "I shall do as I please" and congress sits idle and does absolutely nothing. This is beyond ridiculous.
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Big Banks Aren't Too Happy with GOP

chris73 Wrote: Mar 02, 2014 9:02 AM
Buddy, you must be living on another planet! You cannot be this misinformed its just not possible. I have not heard one alleged Democrat speak with an ounce of common sense in 10-years. Prime example, Rep. Nancy Pelosi "we have to pass the bill so we can see what's in it." Joe Biden, "republicans are going to put you (referring to Americans of different skin tone) back in chains." POTUS, "you can keep your doctor." The favorite Dem talking points, republicans are hostage takers, The Taliban and extortionist..." I guess these are all civil minded people!
Excellent article! Since I'm busting my butt working all week to pay for other peoples stuff, I didn't have the time to read the SB1062. Well this morning, I read the Arizona bill and couldn't find one thing wrong with it. Arizona law makers were actually trying to protect the exercise of religion and decrease the burden on the person from third party interference. The threats from the NFL, our federal overlords and other organizations concerning this issue was wrong.
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The Lesson of Dunkirk

chris73 Wrote: Feb 22, 2014 9:43 AM
It pains me to say it but Mr. Sowell is correct! Republicans track record of actually fulfilling their oath of office is spotty at best. More important, they are a catastrophe when it comes to messaging and actually explaining to the public the situation we are in. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the GOP stands for anymore, can you? This is a serious problem. Picking this fight would have been exploited by the captured media and the machine would have trounced on this like a cat on a mouse. The fault is on the entire GOP apparatus, if they would stand for something and actually challenge not only the collectivist policies of progressives but point out the hypocrisy in the business world they would not have to cave on every darn issue. Just my two cents have a great weekend.
I'm simply speechless! The media, every progressive (no such thing as the classical liberal anymore) in congress made it their life to make Bush look like an a__! Sad state of affairs which their is no return.
Rich, I agree with your above statements. The best candidate should go forward. To be honest, and I hate to say this but I just don't see Hillary loosing. Sexism will the charge to any and all that oppose her. Progressives are bent on making history (first women POTUS) vs. the social, military and economic health of the nation. Most important, Hillary will continue, albeit on steroids the same policies as the current administration. Due to GOP infighting, disorganization, big-government ideals and the lack of a coherent message, I don't see how she is effectively challenged. 2016 is a long ways off, so who knows!
IMHO, smart and intelligent simply does not cut it! We can make the case that every POTUS has been "smart and intelligent" but name one that understood and embraced leadership and the Constitution the past 50-years. I'll give you one person, Reagan. At this juncture, we require a POTUS that knows how to lead, when to follow and can speak honestly with the public. Then we require a congress that takes its Constitutional oath serious.
Sir, no disrespect but your above comment leads me to believe you one millions of useful idiots in this country. Bloomberg, in my mind believes in soft tyranny and spent a ridiculous amount of his time and money further killing what use to be a republic. So, if New Yorkers want to reelect Cuomo, by all means have at it but keep that nonsense away from NC and AL.
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