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I'm simply speechless! The media, every progressive (no such thing as the classical liberal anymore) in congress made it their life to make Bush look like an a__! Sad state of affairs which their is no return.
Rich, I agree with your above statements. The best candidate should go forward. To be honest, and I hate to say this but I just don't see Hillary loosing. Sexism will the charge to any and all that oppose her. Progressives are bent on making history (first women POTUS) vs. the social, military and economic health of the nation. Most important, Hillary will continue, albeit on steroids the same policies as the current administration. Due to GOP infighting, disorganization, big-government ideals and the lack of a coherent message, I don't see how she is effectively challenged. 2016 is a long ways off, so who knows!
IMHO, smart and intelligent simply does not cut it! We can make the case that every POTUS has been "smart and intelligent" but name one that understood and embraced leadership and the Constitution the past 50-years. I'll give you one person, Reagan. At this juncture, we require a POTUS that knows how to lead, when to follow and can speak honestly with the public. Then we require a congress that takes its Constitutional oath serious.
Sir, no disrespect but your above comment leads me to believe you one millions of useful idiots in this country. Bloomberg, in my mind believes in soft tyranny and spent a ridiculous amount of his time and money further killing what use to be a republic. So, if New Yorkers want to reelect Cuomo, by all means have at it but keep that nonsense away from NC and AL.
Let me get this straight, if you believe in that pesky Constitution, specifically the section where it says "shall not be infringed," believe in the right to life and have some personal issues with homosexuality you are extremist conservative and the folks in New York don't want you in the state. As the article clearly stated, if this was from a "extremist conservative" governor all heck would break loose. Mr. Cuomo you and the rest of the folks who believe in this nonsense can pound sand. I advise the folks in NY, who give a darn to fire this idiot or leave the state.
Is this willful blindness or a deliberate ploy to continue the agenda? It is easy to deduce this administration, specifically the DOJ as incompetent but I believe otherwise. If indeed they are incompetent, they are ignoring the long-term objectives of this Global Salafiyyia Insurgency we find ourselves in, at our expense. Thus, every single official in D.C. needs to be fired or held liable for future actions. Sen. Durbin’s statement is one of the most ignorant statements I have heard on this particular issue. “These exceptions are a license to profile American Muslims and Hispanic-Americans.” Folks, we all profile and that is a fact. The brain just cannot process all the information around us, so we have to categorize to enable us to understand the world around us. In addition, it is a good tool – if used correctly to focus your investigative efforts. Of course, some will take issue with these comments but no one can deny this happens. I find it appalling and an embarrassment to the citizens of the nation that the DOJ has been so enthusiastic on granting special protections for groups that vote in favor of the agenda. Yet, in the last 3-days have decided to halt the investigation of the IRS, which targeted American organizations that demand a return to some semblance of a republic. Even more appalling is the fact that Mr. Holder is still in charge of the DOJ despite his obvious miscarriage of justice, racial pandering and complete and utter contempt for our Constitution. At this point, the separation of powers is meaningless as the executive continues power grabs; thus, congress is nothing more than a pinprick on the behind of a buffalo.
It is simply amazing me concerning the hypocrisies and lack of common sense in this country. Colorado basically says its fine to partake in marijuana, which is against federal law but you get crickets from D.C. States try to actually abide by the Constitution (2nd, 10th amend) and they get told to pound sand! We have well over 100 cities defying federal law against illegal immigration, again not a peep from D.C. Then we get an ignoramus for a public official Jamilah Nasheed D-St. Louis who says the following, "The state will never trump federal laws." "It is again another right wing Republican attempt to go Second Amendment crazy." I cannot be the only person that seems something fundamentally wrong with his statement. I bet you if this was an issue of abortion "rights" he would all over it!
We need to stop allowing abortion to be the answer i.e. the cure for individuals lack of responsibility. When I was growing up the big push was abstinence until marriage because procreation and raising that child comes with enormous responsibilities. You want to limit the availability of abortions, IMHO that just perpetuates the cycle of irresponsibility and continues to condone abortion. Its not about funding. Women and politicians are fighting tooth and nail to ensure the destruction of child. Again, IMHO there is something seriously wrong with this logic.
This is getting really old and ridiculous. As a hard working American that happens to be black, I'm getting really tired of everything being about race. Things are getting way out of control. For example, the Daily Caller is reporting that the "Department of Justice wants schools to directly consider race when disciplining students, taking care to ensure that some races are not punished more often than others, even if students of certain races misbehave more often." Any disagreement with POTUS and your a racist! If you want to halt 2-years of unemployment payments because we are broke, your a racist. If you oppose these ridiculous Promise Zones your a racist. When is this ever going to cease. The black community needs to stop making excuses for the behavior of youths in the inner city. Its inexcusable and absolutely embarrassing to those of us who don't proscribe to this nonsense. Is there racism in this country, you bet your sweet behind there is but it goes both ways. However, you cannot legislate racism away. Lead by example and apply the law equitably instead of creating these protected groups it only feeds more racial tension. But, we get what we deserve! I didn't agree with Romney on a couple things and I certainly didn't care for his stance on firearms (being a bitter clinger and all) but I believe he would have been better than what we have now! God Bless
Forward towards what???? How about we abide by the Constitution. If they want to move forward they can smartly depart the country and destroy other peoples life's.
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