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Unholy Trio: Gun Control, the UN and Obama

Chris524 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 12:22 PM
I'm asking this because I really want to know. This article states "ATT's verbiage, instructing nations to "take the necessary legislative and administrative measure to adapt, as necessary, national laws and regulations to implement the obligations of this treaty, is too gray, hence leaving room to dilute or supersede the Second Amendment." I would like to know specifically how this is too gray? How could this lead to superseding our Constitution?
rmiller Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 1:04 PM
How many thousend pages is this bill yet anyway.Do you see whats going on around you.we bin hearing about this UN bill hillary is backing for a while now.I have not seen it or read it.and by the time thay let us read it we proulbly not under stand what we are reading anyway. when you play with the devile you are going to get burned.Thay don't like the 2ed Amendment and you can be shore the bill you read will not be the bill you read after it's singed thay are just trying to get there foot in the door be carefule

Welcome to President Obama's second term, America - that special place where ridiculousness replaces raison d'etre, and presidents give us things like gun control a' la United Nations.

Obviously, Obama understood he would never get the support needed for a gun control bill from Congress, so the astute Constitutional professor chose to skirt around the Constitution by signing on to the United Nations (UN) Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) shortly after his re-election. Liberals certainly know how to get what they want, ethics aside. Remember in 2010, when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described how liberals would circumvent the electorate...