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False Equation: Opposing Same-Sex Marriage and Opposing Interracial Marriage

Chris524 Wrote: May 07, 2012 2:53 PM
For those that think it's a choice, I would like to know when they chose to be heterosexual and how they came to that conclusion. :-)

The most effective of all morality-based arguments for same-sex marriage, the one that persuades more people than any other argument, is the one that equates opposition to same-sex marriage with the old opposition to interracial marriage.

The argument, repeated so often that it sounds incontestable, is this: Just as parts of American society once had immoral laws that forbade whites and blacks from marrying, so, today, society continues to have immoral laws forbidding men from marrying men and women from marrying women. And just as decent people overthrew the former, decent people must overthrow the latter.

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