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Well, hey, if the administration says there's nothing there, move along, who are we to question them. After all, this is a nation of laws, not men, and no one in this president's circle would ever think of ignoring a law simply because they didn't like it.
That's the Kenyen, er, Hawaii'n, er, Chicago way. Take these very same actions and move them from a relatively handsome, young-ish man with a nice smile and onto a sweaty fat cat, and the corrupt phony stench starts to reek right through everything.
Not only do they have pens, but they also have phones-! Look out...!!! All I can say is look what happens when you elect a Leftist as a chief executive. They control the door, and hence hold it wide open for more Leftists to gain entry when any sane policy would have kept them out. Never, ever vote for a Dem as Prez or Guv.
If Reconstruction was what the South went through after the war, then the gathering of civilian prisoners throughout Europe during WW-II was Summer Camp. It took the South shaking the restrictive slime off from decades of northern beneficence to begin to excel again, Section V of the Voting Rights Act being the latest chapter.
I won't throw stones at a man who is already down, but I do have to greatly disagree with his description of the "quality" of the MSNBC audience. Couldn't find a more myopic, head in the sand, utopian-dreaming, reality-deniers without looking at, say..., this administration's Cabinet.
You mention that the paper's editorial was written "five days after the battle." Five days after the President's speech at the dedication of the battlefield, perhaps, but not the batte itself.The battle was fought in early July, the dedication, and the President's speech, was in November, if my memory serves me correctly.
Well put, and for those who don't know the topic well, you've given just what they need to research it.
Can't we revoke his passport while he's over there on the basis of, oh, I dunno, he's not a native of earth..??
"The sequester will simply make TSA more efficient (at least we hope)." Hope dies eternal, eh..?
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Dictator Hugo Chavez Dead

Chris4692 Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 5:33 PM
I saw the headline and immediately thought, "Hot damn, yes-!!" Then I had to check myself for cheering the death of someone, but gott admit that I really don't mind too much. Now, can idiot-man Obamessiah capitalize on it? You can probably guess my feelings...
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